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    Reviewed By Valon Jan 31, 2013

    Worst bank i ever have the rub costumers with fees

    Hi I am a costumer in a capital one more than a 4 years and i never ever have worst bank like this i have a direct deposit with them and they rubbing me all the times with the fees. Today they stole from my account 2times $35 each because like they said overdraw fee one of them was from Netflix $7.99 and i got hit with overdraw fee $35. I called them for the first time to wave one fee and they told me we can return you only $17 from 2 fees each $35 which is $70. I told them to keep those $17 because i am going to close my account and i am going to report to banking costumer offer but they didn't seem like they care because they have enough blind costumes to rub them. Any other bank is better then them in capital one branch when you go to deposit the money they have 5 counters and only 2 of them work and you have to wait in line for 15 min to make a transaction. No comment i hope they will go in Bancorp soon people can't afford to pay money just because you don't have no money.

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