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The Most Helpful TCF Bank Reviews

The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Wynder Aug 31, 2014

Excellent Service

Have had several accounts for over 10 years. I appreciate the hours on weekends, Sundays, and late days and they are always professional. The online banking works very well. They were the only bank in Chicago to give me an account when I moved here. I am extremely satisfied with my branch on Milwaukee and if necessary, the actual Bank is not too far away on Fullerton.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Steve3PO Dec 31, 2015

TCF Employee Mrs. Samantha Sanchez is a lying bank fraud accountant

TCF has an employee named Samantha Sanchez, who has lied to me about account fees and then proceeded to steal $2000 from my TCF Savings Account. I reported Mrs. Samantha Sanchez to the Maplewood TCF branch supervisors and the Region Manager for TCF. They did a two month investigation and believed the lies Mrs. Sanchez told them. I have had $2000 stolen from my Savings Account by Mrs. Samantha Sanchez, I have reported her to the TCF management and they say that they have no record of money being stolen from my Savings Account. I have documented TCF Account paperwork that says money was removed from my Savings Account by Mrs. Samantha Sanchez without my permission. The TCF management has dismissed my report and stopped the investigation because they believe that Mrs. Samantha Sanchez has not done anything wrong. I have closed both of my TCF Accounts and withdrew the last of my money. Don’t waste your time trying to bank any of your finances at any of the TCF Bank's branches. TCF Bank should be shut down and they should return all of the money that customers have in the TCF Bank accounts.

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Latest TCF Bank Reviews

  • J
    Reviewed By Jimbos Aug 30, 2016

    Worst TCF in the system for service

    This branch does not believe in staffing the drive thru portion of their business. You go thru the drive thru and you wait. You ring the help button and they just ignore you like you are not even there. Went in to speak to the branch manager, and of course he/she wasn't there like normal. Very seldom is there a branch manager there. I sat there once for 4 minutes, stupid me for waiting that long.
    This wasn't just for today, this is an ongoing situation. You get there excuse that I'm the only one there. That's not the customers problem, learn how to run a bank or business.

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  • R
    Reviewed By robnels2000 Jul 29, 2016

    TCF make small problems major ones

    I had a withdrawal process twice over drafting my account.

    I call the bank to do a stop payment on the transaction but they told me they could not do it because it was pending.

    They said it will be rejected in processing over night so it would not be an issue.

    The next day it did pass processing so I called them again.

    They said I should have done a stop payment yesterday/

    I told them I tried but they said they couldn't.
    They told me they could have.

    Now they are filing a dispute and say it will take a week to process. Mean while I will be accruing overdraft fees. All because they didn't do the stop payment.

    This was a small mistake that has now become a major issue because of their not doing the stop payment when I asked.

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  • A
    Reviewed By angryshopper Jun 28, 2016


    This is the worst bank in the country!

    I live paycheck to paycheck and this bank does whatever it can to get overdraft fees. Just this weekend I noticed that I had spent a little to much money, so I transferred $300 from saving right into checking, this piece of crap bank pended the transaction, and then charged me $37 for four overdrafts. A day later the transfer is still pending, I assume the bank is hoping I have more transactions coming thru.....and they would be correct, for about $100.00 which they took from me in overdrafts....

    They are crooks.... keep your money in a sock drawer.....do not bank here!

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  • S
    Reviewed By Sunny789 Jun 28, 2016

    I'd give zero if possible

    Exactly what everyone said. TCF Cub in Fridley. Awful. Charged me ridiculous fees they said would be reversed, never happened. Told me I couldn't deposit money, had to let everything clear...I said if you do this with these charges I'll go negative. They said "oh no, we'll take care of them." We'll they didnt. I was told for 2 weeks a supervisor would call to fix it. Phone call never came. I went up there over 12 times and I was always told no supervisor was working at the time. This place is a SCAM!!! I Have never had ANY issue with Wells Fargo. In all my life I have never had an overdraft until TCF'S mistake ( which wasn't a mistake, they purposefully said I couldn't deposit money or it would screw up their system) RUN from this "bank"

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  • N
    Reviewed By nmellin Apr 11, 2016

    TCF customer service is horrible

    Unfortunately, I had my mortgage with TCF and never had a decent customer service experience. Over the course of 8 years interactions with TCF representatives ranged from
    merely apathetic to downright rude. Also , staff training must be almost non-existent because it is astounding how ill-informed the bankers are. Eventually I was able to leave TCF and was never so glad to "dump" a company. Several acquaintances have the same view. I have never come across a decent opinion of this banking system As a public service to others who may be reading this DO NOT do business with TCF.

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  • M
    Reviewed By memoreey Apr 5, 2016

    Over charges unfairly

    I called TCF because of some unauthorized charges to my account. Due to them charges TCf charged me $37 three times in overdraft fees. I called them to dispute it and they said they will only refund me one of the 3. Which is ridiculous because they are charging me unnecessary fees when it was an unauthorized charge. I have had a similar situation with Chase Bank and they only charged me 1 over draft charge. And I will be going back to Chase Bank because they now also print out cards in store. Which is really the only perk of TCF bank. Their whole system is unfair and I would not recommend anyone to bank with them. If i had a choice for no stars then i would've put it.

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  • S
    Reviewed By Spiderlady76 Mar 7, 2016


    Do not bank with them!! They lie and take their customers children money!! Child support!

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  • J
    Reviewed By janesmith Feb 26, 2016

    will be moving all of our accounts from TCF to another bank

    we have 2 mortgage accounts a credit card with a $21,000.00 available balance, 2 personal accounts and a business account with TCF. we have never been late, (auto payments on everything) We were interested in getting a mortgage for our business and were told the $300,000.00 amount was to small, they only want to deal in millions. I requested more information from the manager at the Highland Bank (where we bank) and never got a response. I have other banks requesting our business. I will be moving everything to another bank, I already have the refinance on our mortgages in the works. Shame on you Mary.

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  • A
    Reviewed By asc Feb 18, 2016

    The worst banking experience ever

    DO NOT BANK HERE! They don't even deserve 1 star. As a former employee of TCF, I know how little they care to educate the bank personnel and how much they love to hit you with bogus overdraft fees. I just received a fee I was told I would NOT receive and later that day I got hit with said fee. When I called the 800 number the rep said they couldn't reverse it because it wasn't their fault. She even listened to the recorded call between me and the first call rep and still said "I'm sorry she said that but it was incorrect information and there is nothing I can do." So now I have to pay $37 because YOUR employee gave me wrong info??? Wow...Taking my business elsewhere

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  • M
    Reviewed By manasbahi Feb 8, 2016

    refused to close my business account

    refused to close my business account they want all the names on the account to be present. and when I went to another branch , they said that is not true. they just gave me hard time. bad staff, does know their duties and rules

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