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Reviewed By jcrosita Nov 3, 2012


I have been a member for over 20 years including when it was commerce bank. Since it has been td bank i have had many bad experiences but this is the worst. On november 1, 2012 at 6:30 pm i walked in and i waited to see a customer representative to see about closing my account due to a maintenance fee. Stephanie greeted me and asked if she could help me. While talking i had asked her some questions about a student account to see if i could get free checking. When she asked me my age she informed me that i did not qualify, as you had to be younger. Therefore, i asked her to close my account and distribute to me the 250. 28 that i had left in my account. She did all the proper procedures rather coldly without smiling or responding very friendly to me when i tried to spark up a small conversation, however, she did her job and exited to retrieve my cash. When she returned i briefly looked inside the envelope, however, i did not count the amount correctly. When i left the building i went to wells fargo, which is right next-door and began to count my money that she gave to me and i noticed that i was $80. 00 short. I immediately returned to td bank and asked stephanie if i had dropped any money because i was missing some cash. She became very rude and told me no and that she cannot tell me what i did with my money after i leave the bank and that she is not responsible for it. She also angrily said to me that she watched me count it in front of her. I was rather nervous due to the economy today and hoping that some how she could help me so i nicely explained to her that i know and i realize that but i must have not counted it properly because i'm missing money and i only have 170. 00. She then stormed off to the teller counter and disappeared from my sight. I had to ask the teller where she went and he told me she was counting the drawer. She then came back and gave me the 80 dollars and said sorry but never apologized how rude and angry she acted. I closed my account and will never return.

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Reviewed By dissatisfied1 Dec 5, 2013

How hard is it to cash a $2,200 check?

This is the worst customer service I have ever received going to this bank. I sold my upright piano so I could buy a C. Bechstein grand piano. The guy who bought it gave me a check for a deposit for $500 and later another for $2,200. When I went to cash the check I went to their branch in Amherst, NH bto cash it so their was no wait clearing. To cash the checks they charge me $7 each ($14 total). This wasn't even the worst part.

When I went to cash the $2,200 dollar check, I had to wait just under 25 minutes (I was watching my watch, unbelievably this is no exaggeration)! There was no one else in line and only one other person being served (who was just making a small withdrawal). There was at least 3 or 4 employees (including the manager) behind the counter. When I asked to cash it they ask for my license then study it for a long time. I tell them I want it in $100's and it take them 5 minutes to figure out they don't have any left. So they just stand around for maybe 10-15 minutes doing absolutely nothing except stare at me and twiddle their thumbs before they get off their lazy behinds and go to the safe out back and get the money. They then spend another 5-10 minutes getting the money out. When then finally give it to me, then forget to give me back my license so I have to remind them to give it to me.

Please, people don't get checking accounts here so you don't have to make the people who receive the checks suffer to get their money. Not only will they be ripped off trying to cash their check but they will have to waste large amounts of time to get their money because the banks are run by lazy and incompetent people.

I am glad I had this experience because I was almost thinking of getting an account. What a mistake that would have been!

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Latest TD Bank Reviews

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    Reviewed By TAMIKA89 Aug 28, 2016



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    Reviewed By Kelster Aug 1, 2016

    Horrible Customer Service and Bank

    My account was hacked a week ago on Friday. They emptied it out. I was told that I had to dispute the charges and that they would try to expedite it. Today is Monday, I went back to the bank to find out why my account had not been credited. First, I was called Heather and that is not my name. She said as I told you Heather, I put an expedite on it. I said first of all, I am not Heather, secondly, this is a standard story for you? Apparently, TD Bank just likes to hold on to your money with excuse after excuse. The best one was the fraud department is backed up. What does that say about this bank. They were unsympathetic and down right rude. Note to everyone, if you get hacked with TD Bank they will hold your money for 10 business days. Completely ridiculous. Sad thing is is that I reported this 2 days before it happened and no one responded until 4 days after it happened. Stay away from this bank!! There are so many other great choices out there with a bank that will care about you and take care of you. This bank changes tellers constantly and on Fridays usually have only 1 teller working the drive thru and 1 working the window which leads to long lines while mgmt sits behind their computers and says someone will be with you in a minute. I called the 888 number after my visit was on hold for 30 minutes, finally asked to speak to a supervisor, was put on hold another 10 minutes and when I got transferred to "Steve" a supervisor, I was disconnected. Yes, I am back on hold again now and have been for 20 minutes. Why can't they handle themselves professionally? Whatever you do, DO NOT USE TD BANK!! ESPECIALLY THIS LOCATION!!!

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    Reviewed By Saleem Jul 27, 2016

    Very very very poor service

    The guys sitting here supposed to help you are not really interested helping customers, especially if you are not doing business with tellers. Tellers are stuck behind the counters so it seems they are forced to take clients, other then that every one is just wasting time here. Trying to show off that they r busy doing something on computer and not calling any client who are sitting and waiting to be attend.
    They really need a branch officer who can watch over them and keep them busy.
    I been sitting here for 45 and still not been called.

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    Reviewed By rbailey Jul 1, 2016

    Canadians STAY AWAY from TD Bank (USA)! (Does not deserve even one star!)

    I am well aquainted with TD Canada Trust in Canada, and have always been given good service in Canada. I thought that TD Bank would be about the same. NO way! Don't be deceived...and do not expect the same level of service from any TD branch in the States. They are not the same! Take extra US cash with you from home (Canada), and do not try TD bank (USA)! Some reasons:
    *** Very poor customer service (waited about an hour just to try get an ATM card)
    *** Understaffed and inefficient at branch
    *** Staff at 1-800 number have very little access or ability to help solve problems with an account (e.g. helping you regain access to online banking if you forget your password)

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    Reviewed By Mkk Jun 25, 2016

    Awful experience at TD Lansdowne Mall Branch

    As a loyal TD customer, that was the first time I wondered why I have to stay with TD for years, as during the conversation with the employee of TD Branch in Lansdowne Mall who was in charge. The young woman talked to me loud like yelling, without any patience for customer service. The branch did not care what I had the same service from another branch in Richmond BC earlier 2016, but declined to take the cheque for the reason nonsense. The branch is the worst bank branch I have seen.

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    Reviewed By Rickyc1981 Jun 24, 2016

    Worst bank ever

    I had to give it a one star even though it doesn't even deserve any star at all. We have had three different accounts for years and TD is the only one to charge for having less than one hundred dollars and charged a stupid maintenance fee. My commerce bank and trust account has free checking and free overdraft protection that I love. I absolutely hate the fact that they just keep charging the maintenance fee, for what to look at my money in your account. Well now you can take my business and kiss it good bye. You charged me your stupid fee for the last time and will keep my Commerce, DCU and IC Credit accounts and never use you again and tell my friends and family to close theirs too. Good by unnecessary fees and headaches forever..

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    Reviewed By chare001 Jun 22, 2016

    Awful Customer service from the Manager

    Since switching to their new system of posting transactions in " chronological order" rather than largest to smallest, it has been a nightmare. It is rather easy to understand debit card transactions, but the ones that you pay at home on the internet, they can post whenever they want. And believe me it is to their advantage. For example you know you get paid on Friday's so you set payments on line to your bills, schedule for Friday, and rather than posting them at the end of the day, they post them " as they come into the bank" and if they are received at the bank an hour before your paycheck, you will pay a OD fee, even though you were not overdrawn at then end of any day. period. So my daughter insists on banking here, I don't know why. I went into this particular branch, armed with good, presentable, documentation to try and figure out their new system for my daughter, and the manager refused to talk to me. I asked her to contact my daughter to give me permission to discuss this with her and she refused. I have done this on the phone and in various branches in 2 states before. Not this one. Absolutely refused to help me, for my daughter. Actually told me to tell her to call the 800 number and speak to a rep. I told her we already tried that, and to no avail. She said, well maybe you would get a different rep, and who knows, she might help you. Really??? A bank Manager???? Awful, just awful. And just FYI, every other bank I have ever dealt with, Chase, PNC, Sunturst, BankAmerica, etc.posts your pending internet payments at the end of the day, with deposits first. Yes, deposits first. Not this bank. And I think the worst part of all of this, is that this effects the very customers that may not comprehend how it works, and definitely the ones that can least afford it. Don't be fooled by "The most Convenient bank, you all pay for the convenience.

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    Reviewed By AdrianThomas Jun 20, 2016

    Release confidential information to anyone

    Tellers do not follow the company policy. They do not ask for ID or any kind of proof when person ask for statement or transaction history. Be careful if you have business account. I have business account with TD bank for 5 years and now i am going to change my business account to Chase bank. Do not go to this bank if you wants to secure your information.

    Tellers release confidentiality information without any proof to any person.

    I do not blame on TD bank but this branch employees are not well trained. Management at Branch 73-55 Grand Avenue, Maspeth, NY 11378 is really bad. We complained twice in month but no action. They are still releasing transaction history and give print out to any person without ID verification. My employees are not on account but Teller gave copy to my employee without any ID proof. That mean, they can release information to any person on the street.

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    Reviewed By cardiovision Jun 17, 2016

    Super Slow Service!

    The lines go on for a long time. Bank employees are not too concerned even when frustrated customers storm out of the bank. When confronted about the bad service they respond in a defensive and rude manner. This is not a one time event but a pattern. TD upper management needs to send in some "secret shoppers" to see for themselves.

    Almost an ex-customer

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    Reviewed By tyra Jun 11, 2016

    No respect for disabled persons

    I was at the td bank at scarborough town center today. A very old lady with a walker came in panicking, telling the customer service guy that her card got stuck in the machine. He ignored her at first and she had to repeat herself . He told her please join the line and someone will help you. The lady continued saying what if someone takes my money, the guy then answered "Go to the business line if u need faster service". The confused lady walked slowly to the business services line and waited behind two persons. I was at at the teller, I stopped and said this is not right someone should help the old lady. I was at woodbine mall atm once and my card got stuck in the machine, one of the tellers stopped what she was doing and immediately came to help me get my card out. THEY TREATED IT AS AN EMERGENCY , LIKE IT WAS. I tried to explain to the teller that this is an emergency, the old lady was with a walker, she can hardly moved and your customer service guy is pushing her around, THE TELLER THAT WAS STAKING CARE OF ME JUST LAUGH IT OFF. People please, if you don't know to treat your guests especially elderly disabled persons stay and home or get another job, There is enough injustice going on in the world, do not add to it. This happened on June 11, 2016

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