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Reviewed By jcrosita Nov 3, 2012


I have been a member for over 20 years including when it was commerce bank. Since it has been td bank i have had many bad experiences but this is the worst. On november 1, 2012 at 6:30 pm i walked in and i waited to see a customer representative to see about closing my account due to a maintenance fee. Stephanie greeted me and asked if she could help me. While talking i had asked her some questions about a student account to see if i could get free checking. When she asked me my age she informed me that i did not qualify, as you had to be younger. Therefore, i asked her to close my account and distribute to me the 250. 28 that i had left in my account. She did all the proper procedures rather coldly without smiling or responding very friendly to me when i tried to spark up a small conversation, however, she did her job and exited to retrieve my cash. When she returned i briefly looked inside the envelope, however, i did not count the amount correctly. When i left the building i went to wells fargo, which is right next-door and began to count my money that she gave to me and i noticed that i was $80. 00 short. I immediately returned to td bank and asked stephanie if i had dropped any money because i was missing some cash. She became very rude and told me no and that she cannot tell me what i did with my money after i leave the bank and that she is not responsible for it. She also angrily said to me that she watched me count it in front of her. I was rather nervous due to the economy today and hoping that some how she could help me so i nicely explained to her that i know and i realize that but i must have not counted it properly because i'm missing money and i only have 170. 00. She then stormed off to the teller counter and disappeared from my sight. I had to ask the teller where she went and he told me she was counting the drawer. She then came back and gave me the 80 dollars and said sorry but never apologized how rude and angry she acted. I closed my account and will never return.

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Reviewed By dissatisfied1 Dec 5, 2013

How hard is it to cash a $2,200 check?

This is the worst customer service I have ever received going to this bank. I sold my upright piano so I could buy a C. Bechstein grand piano. The guy who bought it gave me a check for a deposit for $500 and later another for $2,200. When I went to cash the check I went to their branch in Amherst, NH bto cash it so their was no wait clearing. To cash the checks they charge me $7 each ($14 total). This wasn't even the worst part.

When I went to cash the $2,200 dollar check, I had to wait just under 25 minutes (I was watching my watch, unbelievably this is no exaggeration)! There was no one else in line and only one other person being served (who was just making a small withdrawal). There was at least 3 or 4 employees (including the manager) behind the counter. When I asked to cash it they ask for my license then study it for a long time. I tell them I want it in $100's and it take them 5 minutes to figure out they don't have any left. So they just stand around for maybe 10-15 minutes doing absolutely nothing except stare at me and twiddle their thumbs before they get off their lazy behinds and go to the safe out back and get the money. They then spend another 5-10 minutes getting the money out. When then finally give it to me, then forget to give me back my license so I have to remind them to give it to me.

Please, people don't get checking accounts here so you don't have to make the people who receive the checks suffer to get their money. Not only will they be ripped off trying to cash their check but they will have to waste large amounts of time to get their money because the banks are run by lazy and incompetent people.

I am glad I had this experience because I was almost thinking of getting an account. What a mistake that would have been!

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Latest TD Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By Patsplace123 Feb 19, 2017

    Broke My Heart

    I left a competitor of TD Bank after doing business with them for over 40 years.When I left I had no idea in my mind which bank I would continue to do business with.So one bright summers morning,a Monday to be exact,i walked into the TD Bank branch near my old home on Wade Hampton Blvd.To my surprise as soon as I walked into their door I was greeted by two of the most attractive ladies, much to my surprise.Oh,ive already said that,excuse please.Well to start over, after gaining my composure and wiping my brow, after being greeted I was shown more southern hospitality than I had never been shown in my old bank in over 40 years.Since that day I realize that when I first walked into that door years ago I had made a very wise decision if I may say so myself !!

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    Reviewed By Acac8080 Jan 25, 2017

    Worst bank

    This is absolutely the worst bankni have ever banked with. From the holds on the accounts, to not following thru with their promotions for opening new accounts ...they even screwed up on the checks I ordered. Never bank here!!! Im going back to BOA!

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    Reviewed By lpgi Jan 23, 2017

    Outrageous fees!

    I've been with TD bank for years now because it has a lot of convient locations. Over the years, the number of fees I've been charged has been enough for me to switch banks. I've been charged for doing too many transfers online, checking my balance at another ATM (no money was withdrawn. A balance check was conducted because the TD website and app was down.), and I've been charged overdraft fees numerous times even if I deposited the money 10 minutes later. Checks are processed at 11pm, so if your account overdrafts you will not know until the next business day. The last time I called to inquire on an overdraft was because my balance never showed that I went into the negative. When I explained that the balance shown on my app was never negative during the past three days after the supposed overdraft occurred (I check my balance 3-5 times a day), I was more or less accused of lying and was told the balance I had seen was never there. I'm sorry, I wanted to like this bank, but the amount of fees charged are outrageous. I will never again be a TD bank customer.

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    Reviewed By daved75 Jan 14, 2017

    Astoria-Ditmars isn't good

    They always keep this branch understaffed and will take way too long for service. One glance at all the unavailable desks and teller stations contrasting with the number of employees and its obvious they are trying to squeeze all the can from their staff. The branch manager just stares at her phone as pandemonium ensues. The assistant branch manager stays with her one customer while the supervisor guy somehow takes deposits, fixes the coin arcade, ATM Card printer, manages customers waiting for CSRs and gets money from the vault before assisting more customers in the safety box room all while addressing new customers walking into the bank to assure them they'll be seen asap. If it weren't for him I'd have zero respect for this branch. Small TD locations can get by with just a few on staff but not this one. Management must be greedy and making a fortune. Hope they never have to reply on the younger staff for a job one day when they get fired!

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    Reviewed By Hadi58 Jan 7, 2017

    Credit card department bad customer service

    Every time I contact the credit card department for an issue they keep transferring to someone else and minimum of 30 minutes wait.

    I extremely recommend to stay away from td bank America and the only reason I have an account with them because I am a Canadian in usa and I tought its better to deal with a Canadian oriented bank.

    Td in usa is completely different than Canada and the service is really crazy and extremely frustrating.

    Stay away from TD AMERICA

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    Reviewed By Chuckdelory Jan 1, 2017

    Worst bank for an equity line

    We just took out an equity line to do some repairs on a rental property. We went with TD Bank because they give equity loans on rental property. When we applied we were told that it would take 30 days or less. All started well, within 24 hours from the time we applied we recieved a conditional acceptance along with our processors name and contact info. The email also directed us to a web site so we could track the process.

    In order to move the process along, I contacted our processor to introduce ourselves and to ask what would be needed from us. I received an email from her saying she hadn't been assigned to us. Three days later, the same processor sent an email telling us what she needed. I spent the afternoon gathering and scanning paperwork and emailing it to her. When completed I sent an email sking if she had received everything. No reply. The following Monday I left a voicemail asking if she had received everything and explaining I would be away starting the following Wedneday. No response. On Tuesday I sent another email. No response. I left on Wednesday not having heard anything. On Friday I received an email. From her looking for more paperwork.

    The next two months went the same way. Unless I cc'd her boss I did not receive any replies. Finally after 60 days she said our paperwork was all set. The next day she called and said we needed an appraisal. That took another week and a half. The website was never updated either.

    Finally on December 30th we closed. we started the process October 11th. That is 2 1/2 months. We were supposed to close at noon. My wife came down on her lunch hour. We went to close and found out she had used my nickname and not my formal name on the paperwork. We had to return later and finished closing at 6 pm. Even that got drawn out

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    Reviewed By bradd Dec 30, 2016

    Beware of Refinancing Here

    We began our refinance process in late September. We locked in our rate and were supposed to close within 30 days. It took me about a week to gather all of the requested paperwork. And then the problems began. After submitting my paperwork we did not hear from them for a week. Then they wanted more and I sent it right away. A week later they wanted more, and once again I sent it right away. This went on for two months. After our initial rate lock extension ran out (60 days after starting the process) they changed us to floating our loan. After 110 days from when we started the process they finally got all of their ducks in a row for closing. By this time rates have gone up and we are forced to accept their new rate for us, or go somewhere else.

    Beware in working with them. They are slow to get back to you and will ask the same questions over and over. If they had been more productive and not taken so long we would not have lost our great rate (3.6) to be stuck with a much higher one (4.3).

    My biggest problem with them is that they refuse to accept any responsibility in it taking this long. They were not even willing to credit the $200 that I had to pay to get the 4.3% rate. This was a simple refinance with a borrower who has good credit and the loan to value was less than 50%. Go with someone that you know and trust. They advertise a low rate but have terrible customer service.

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    Reviewed By Paytons Dec 11, 2016

    Poor customer service

    Shouldn't even get 1 star. I have gotten quarters from this location twice before with no problem whatsoever. I had an account with TD a long time ago but switched banks when I had an issue with my account brought on my TD themselves. That account is probably still open. I went to this location today and asked for $10 of quarters and the guy proceeded to ask if I had an account with them. I said as of right now, no. Then he said I couldn't get quarters because I wasn't a member at their bank. He never asked if I would like to open an account or give me information on the benefits of a TD account. The funny part is I was actually going to switch back to TD bank tomorrow since I finally had a day off and some extra time. Glad that happend today and saved me from the BS customer service TD bank has. If you want good customer service switch to Apple federal credit union. I will forever try to get everyone I come incounter with to stay far away from TD bank. Every opportunity I have I will voice / write my concern about how bad the customer service is. Already convinced my boyfriend it's time to switch. Good luck TD!

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    Reviewed By Mad_as_hell Dec 1, 2016

    Worst bank ever

    We agreed to sign up for the all inclusive banking account and the infinite visa card.
    The rules say that the monthly bank account fee is $29.95 but if your balance is over $5000 the fee is waived. Sure thing, I kept the balance over $5000 every single day in November. I made sure by logging in every day. We were still charged $29.95 on November 30. I'm angry as hell.

    The infinite visa card rewards are a joke because it takes forever to collect points and we use this card for EVERYTHING. Also: transactions are sometimes showing up 1 week later after using the card. It's almost impossible to keep track of spending like that.

    The costs of this account and card are way higher than the rewards. What a freaking joke. We're mad as hell. We're already on small incomes and I don't understand why were were offered an account that requires $100,000 income. We don't earn that much!!

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    Reviewed By Otter Nov 28, 2016

    Slowest bank I've ever been to

    The staff are very nice, but to only have one teller station open at the lunch hour open is just bad buisness, and the customers have jobs that are thirty minute lunches to an hour, you can't expect this to be acceptable. I am most likely switching banks

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