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Reviewed By jcrosita Nov 3, 2012


I have been a member for over 20 years including when it was commerce bank. Since it has been td bank i have had many bad experiences but this is the worst. On november 1, 2012 at 6:30 pm i walked in and i waited to see a customer representative to see about closing my account due to a maintenance fee. Stephanie greeted me and asked if she could help me. While talking i had asked her some questions about a student account to see if i could get free checking. When she asked me my age she informed me that i did not qualify, as you had to be younger. Therefore, i asked her to close my account and distribute to me the 250. 28 that i had left in my account. She did all the proper procedures rather coldly without smiling or responding very friendly to me when i tried to spark up a small conversation, however, she did her job and exited to retrieve my cash. When she returned i briefly looked inside the envelope, however, i did not count the amount correctly. When i left the building i went to wells fargo, which is right next-door and began to count my money that she gave to me and i noticed that i was $80. 00 short. I immediately returned to td bank and asked stephanie if i had dropped any money because i was missing some cash. She became very rude and told me no and that she cannot tell me what i did with my money after i leave the bank and that she is not responsible for it. She also angrily said to me that she watched me count it in front of her. I was rather nervous due to the economy today and hoping that some how she could help me so i nicely explained to her that i know and i realize that but i must have not counted it properly because i'm missing money and i only have 170. 00. She then stormed off to the teller counter and disappeared from my sight. I had to ask the teller where she went and he told me she was counting the drawer. She then came back and gave me the 80 dollars and said sorry but never apologized how rude and angry she acted. I closed my account and will never return.

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Reviewed By dissatisfied1 Dec 5, 2013

How hard is it to cash a $2,200 check?

This is the worst customer service I have ever received going to this bank. I sold my upright piano so I could buy a C. Bechstein grand piano. The guy who bought it gave me a check for a deposit for $500 and later another for $2,200. When I went to cash the check I went to their branch in Amherst, NH bto cash it so their was no wait clearing. To cash the checks they charge me $7 each ($14 total). This wasn't even the worst part.

When I went to cash the $2,200 dollar check, I had to wait just under 25 minutes (I was watching my watch, unbelievably this is no exaggeration)! There was no one else in line and only one other person being served (who was just making a small withdrawal). There was at least 3 or 4 employees (including the manager) behind the counter. When I asked to cash it they ask for my license then study it for a long time. I tell them I want it in $100's and it take them 5 minutes to figure out they don't have any left. So they just stand around for maybe 10-15 minutes doing absolutely nothing except stare at me and twiddle their thumbs before they get off their lazy behinds and go to the safe out back and get the money. They then spend another 5-10 minutes getting the money out. When then finally give it to me, then forget to give me back my license so I have to remind them to give it to me.

Please, people don't get checking accounts here so you don't have to make the people who receive the checks suffer to get their money. Not only will they be ripped off trying to cash their check but they will have to waste large amounts of time to get their money because the banks are run by lazy and incompetent people.

I am glad I had this experience because I was almost thinking of getting an account. What a mistake that would have been!

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Latest TD Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By Rjk987 May 10, 2017

    DON'T try doing a mortgage with them

    What a joke. Weeks go by without being able to get in touch with them. They set "tenatitive" closing dates, then for some reason or another they cant close. Management doesn't respond. Well over what I paid for a rate lock and now I'm out $650. Been through 3 mortgages before this, mortgages are never easy....but WTF this is beyond brutal. Don't even try a mortgage with them....

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    Reviewed By cocco50ca Apr 26, 2017

    Best Bank ever!!!!

    This bank and it's staff especially Mr. Banks have gone over and above service. When I was ill and needed checks Mr. Banks delivered them to my house. I have been in Vero Beach along time with other banks and never have I received the service from them that I get from this branch.

    Donna Flaherty

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    Reviewed By morasanti Apr 13, 2017


    On Monday 4/10/2017 from 6:20pm to 7pm I went into this bank and used their ATM machine, I used my Mastercard, that I only use once in a moon. While I was using the ATM by my side there was an african american woman from 25 to 35 years old, using the ATM machine next to me. She was looking her surroundings continuously and to me she looked very suspicious. I finished using the ATM and she was still there. I came inside the bank with my husband to make a transaction and when we came out she was still there. Today Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 12:29 AM my debit card was charged by Gifttree, Vancouver, WA, for $76.85 USD. for a delivery to California. Thank god I was able to report the fraud and dispute the charges. However I called TD Bank to report this incident because It was inside their own bank and they just said; "Thanks for letting us know, we really appreciate it" And that's it. They do not realize how inconvenient and dangerous their ATM's are, and how easy it is for criminals to use their ATMs to steal consumers credit card information. I only saw one woman security guard inside the bank, but no security guard by the ATM's. Let's be realistic more than 25 minutes one person using and ATM? That is not normal. To me, this incident could have been avoided if they had security personnel watching the area. Just be careful and watch the actions of the person next to you.

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    Reviewed By jackhole7 Apr 11, 2017

    bank does not keep promise

    I opened my account on dec10 2017,i made additional deposit 2 days later and I was suppose to leave the money in my account for 90 days and I would receive 200.00 if I maintained my balance which I did,i checked with td bank every so often to see if I dotted my issss,and crossed my tssss,they said everything was fine,when my 105 days were up they told me I had an account in the past and did not get a gift,the bank should have said something in the beginning.tony gentile

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    Reviewed By Happyuser Apr 4, 2017

    Simply the best

    Have banked with Mary ( Store Mgr.) and her staff for the past ten years. No matter what my problem, they always can help. They are the most professional and helpful group of individuals you will ever encounter. One of the few banks that treat their customers with respect. It is always a pleasure to bank with them.

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    Reviewed By heather123 Mar 21, 2017

    They screw you with some sneaky aspects of their overdraft protection

    They seem all great and customer service oriented at the beginning. Here's how they get you: even if you opt out of overdraft protection, they will let hoard up some of your charges for a week or two, wait until the day before your payday or when you're low, or after they've charged you the service fee, and then put them all through at once and charge you 35 dollars for each one. a couple times after amazon laid me off, I was desperate to pay bills and I found their other sneaky trick.
    I turned overdraft protection on, and attempted to pay my electric bill. it sat in my account pending for almost a week, then they declined to pay it, which is their right, but they charged me 35$ for it anyway!!! when I demanded the 35 back, they said they were "unfortunately" "unable" to return it to me. they "have to" preapprove it in order to seek approval for it. doesn't matter that they didn't approve it. they preapproved it, in order to try to approve it, in order to not approve it, so they could take 35$ from me because they preapproved it.
    why? because it's at their discretion, that's why. in other words, I was dumb enough to make myself vulnerable and the vultures circled around and ate what flesh they could.
    here's the other sneaky thing they did: while my account was overdrawn another time because I had only had a couple dollars in it before payday, they took their service fee (of course charging me 35$ since it took me to a negative amount) and during this time I got a free trial on a children's school worksheet site for my daughter. the site connected with my bank account and it showed up as a $0.00 transaction AND THEY TOOK ANOTHER 35$ for that !!!!

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    Reviewed By DiGgZ Mar 20, 2017

    Best experience with any bank thus far.

    I was referred to TD bank about two months ago. Since that time i've had a good experience with TD bank. The atmosphere is very welcoming, including the fact that the staff interacts and assist each other like a family does. I realized that i was in the right hands when on Friday, March 17, 2017 i witnessed the Vice President/Bank manager personally educate a customer that was on line to speak to a teller. He did this with a smile, compassion, and understanding. I'm very thankful to be banking with a team/family with these attributes, these virtues are shown by the staff i've met thus far.

    A satisfied customer
    D. McLeod

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    Reviewed By Goojosie Mar 17, 2017


    Worst bank ever. The teller drained my bank account and gave ALL my money to a con artist. The bank refused to pay me back. Even worse, the teller gave him excess money, and now, two years later, Td bank is putting my account with a collection agency. They never called the police to report the theft.

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    Reviewed By Seank Mar 7, 2017

    TD Employee Experience

    Having experienced roles across multiple departments - from Wealth Management to Credit Cards to TD Insurance, where focus is on achieving cost efficiencies by:
    1. Reducing workforce - laying off over 40 people last year in one department alone
    2. Increasing the workload on frontline "colleagues" to unmanageable levels and setting unachievable goals - processing of over 200 claims per claims analyst, which results in severage pay cost avoidance when "colleagues" quit,
    3. Freezing compensation and forcing overtime - resulting an increase in number of employees on stress leaves, followed by an increase in long-term disability deductible from paycheques to unprecented levels, currently at over $400 per month, and
    4. Minimizing customers' claim payouts to reduce claims costs and improve profitability at the expense of poor customer experience as demonstrated by missing Net Promoter Scores

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    Reviewed By kassityh Mar 6, 2017

    Most TERRIBLE bank in the world!! SCAM!

    This is a terrible bank. I will not recommended to anyone. They scammed my money and left me with a collection balanced. I opened a checking account online with TD Bank with $100, after a few weeks, I found out that they started charging me for all these weird fees that I didn't sign up for. First, they charged me a "Paper Statement" fee, then a monthly maintenance fee. When I checked my account balance online, I was only left with $24!! WTF!! I contacted the customer service to close my account, but they refused by telling me that my balance needs to be $0 in order for them to close my account. I was out of the country with limited internet access at the time, so I decided I will resolve the issue when I'm back in the United States. So when I returned home after 3 months out of the country, I found all these collections letter from TD bank saying that I owe a $21 balance...a double WTF!! I called the customer service again asking what's going on, they transferred me to all these different departments because no one knew how to resolve this issue. So finally someone from the Collections Department told me that I had to go to a branch to close my account. When I arrive to the branch, the first thing that they asked if I want to pay my $21 balance. I explained to them that I don't owe them anything and have asked many times to close my account. The woman at the bank refused to issue me a refund and telling me the reason they can't close my account until it's $0 balance because it's good customer service for them to present the closed account check to their customer IN PERSON!! I can't believe my ears! I lost all my money that I used to open the account, Plus, I owe them $21 after TD Bank refused to close my account. WHAT A SCAM!! THIS PLACE SUCKS, DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM.

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