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Established in 1839, The Provident Bank has a strong history of service and stability in New Jersey. The Provident Bank serves its customers via a network of 82 branches throughout northern and central New Jersey. The Provident Bank is the wholly owned subsidiary of Provident Financial Services, Inc.

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Most Helpful The Provident Bank Bank Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By ihateprovident Jun 2, 2016

    Too Bad zero stars is not a choice...

    Worst Bank I've ever done business with, they bought and serviced my mortgage for 10+ years. This bank is stuck in the stone ages, poor technology, poor customer service, their branches look like a time warp from the 1960's, and ridiculous fees on just about everything. I'm surprised they even have an 800 number, and not a pay per minute line.

    My Mortgage was due by the 15th each month to avoid a late fee. When the 14th fell on a saturday and I walked into a branch to pay my mortgage payment in cash, their antiquated computer system was already posting transactions for the following monday, the 16th, thus charging me a 4-5% late fee, I was told there was nothing that could be done.

    One month I was struggling and paid my mortgage on the 28th or 29th. The payment sat pending on my account for 3 or so business days before it posted, so I was reported to the 3 credit bureaus for being 30 days late and hurting my credit. I disputed the report to all 3 agencies, Initially they took it off, then months later put it back on, as Provident must have reported it again.

    When I would pay my mortgage online via ACH, it would immediately get deducted from my checking balance but it was typical for it to take another 3-5 business days to post to my mortgage account. If you were getting close to the 15th, it would always suspiciously take another day and add another late fee. This is ridiculous in this day and age.

    During Superstorm Sandy, Provident was unsympathetic and unhelpful, treating me like a criminal and sending me to their loss mitigation dept and asking me for paycheck stubs and 1040's. My parents were granted 3 months no mortgage through Chase without questions from the Obama disaster relief initiative.

    When I tried to payoff my accumulated late fees on 2 occasions, the idiots would apply the additional payment amt to the principle instead, and the following months statement would have the late fees all over again, collecting more fees, etc. There was a separate line for additional principle payment, I even left that at zero, what a bunch of incompetent people. But also suspicious, with the additional fees.

    The original terms on my mortgage said zero payoff fee, but when I requested a payoff I was immediately charged a $55 fee and an additional month's insurance auto deducted from my escrow account. I called, they said it had nothing to do with the mortgage, it's just fees they charge all customers, do they think we're stupid?

    All the times I was charged fees etc always seemed to be in situations that always fell in their favor, suspiciously as well. Like a card dealer with an ace up his sleeve in las vegas.

    What a group of crooks and thieves. I'm so glad to be done with them, learn from my mistakes, don't go here!!! Please Share!!!

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    Reviewed By karenfromaccounting Aug 15, 2014

    Poor customer service/outdated technology

    When I first joined The Provident Bank, I was thrilled with their Smart Checking account programs with a decent interest rate for completing reasonable tasks and their pleasant tellers initially. I even foolishly recommended this bank to others. While some of the tellers in the Clark, NJ branch seemed a bit slow, it was a new branch so I attributed that to the learning curve. From there, most of my business took place eithe virtually or at the Metuchen, NJ branch. The Metuchen branch is the only reason I am giving them any stars at all. Everyone at the branch is amiable, competant and pleasant to deal with. However, over the years, the interest rate has been reduced repeatedly, the requirements increased, and the banking hours are just completely inconvenient. My experience with the Clark branch never improved. I'm not sure what kind of training or even general manners these individuals have. I've finally had enough and am leaving the bank. I am so fed up, I'm leaving this review. For being open so few hours, their technology is far behind the times. Their interest rate (if you meet the increased qualifications) is no longer a benefit. They don't seem to care about my business with the bank, so I am leaving them and leaving a negative review. Don't bank here!

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    Reviewed By nocashforyou Dec 20, 2014

    Walk-In Customer Service Lacking

    Have had an account with this bank for 7+ years. Their online banking is fine for my needs, but occasionally i have to go in for my transactions. Those times when i do, it's never busy but yet i have to wait for teller's personal conversations to end before i'm even acknowledged in the lobby. It's unprofessional and irritating. When i cash a check, i'm grilled on whether or not i have an account with them... Even though it's my own provident bank checking account on the check i hand over and i give them id. No matter how many times i have been in over the years, it seems like they still don't know who i am... Or care for that matter. (note: there are different banks in a 1 mile radius to this branch and i have accounts at them all. The experience given at chase, husdon city, etc are much more pleasant. )

    this morning, i witnessed a woman asking if they had a working atm she could use her debit card in as the drive up one was out of order. They didn't, and it took her three attempts to seek a solution until a manager was called over to complete the transaction. Other banks would have fallen over themselves to help her but the response was less than impressive. In all, provident bank really should ramp up their cs training as their tellers could greatly improve customer interaction with a more positive attitude.

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