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The Most Helpful UMB Bank Reviews

The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Mizzou Oct 26, 2015

Umb columbia mo

Wonderful helpful people!! Coming from out-of-town to fix college son's account. They knew we were cutting it close with time. They had everything ready and we were in and out within minutes. Thanks again

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By bjm2014 Jun 2, 2014

I wouldnt suggest using this bank.

Very disappointing customer service. Rude and the women are very hateful.

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Latest UMB Bank Reviews

  • J
    Reviewed By jmw Mar 7, 2016

    Worst Bank Ever

    I had only dealt with UMB Bank briefly in the past and did not care for there service so did not stay with them long.
    Recently my brother died and had his account there. I took my court letter and death certificate and had the account converted to an estate account, made a deposit to it and they printed me counter checks plus a lot of his old bank statements, as I needed to track IRS deposits. They took about an hour filling out paperwork and keying things into the computer. I signed a signature card. I did not get copies mainly because it was not a new account, just changes.
    I have been making deposits made out in my name as administrator and paying his bills on-line as he left me his on-line banking info. No problem.
    I went in the other day - account changed Sept, I went in March 3rd - to cash a check on the account. Now that I want money out the whole file is missing. No where to be found. They had no signature card for me. Turns out they had no file or paperwork at all. No changes were apparently made in the computer. I kept his account at that bank for specific reasons. I came home to be sure I had no paper copies and went back Sat. The branch I went to now has no Sat lobby hours. So I went to the other branch in town and I thought possibly they sent the file there. They have nothing. So I tried to start over with the changes. She said not the simple need new account because his social security number is still attached to that. OF course, it is. I have the court letter to take it over. She made copies of Letter, Death certificate, and my driver's license and Fed ID I got for estate again. She said she would to talk to legal and call me on Mon. Legal does not open accounts. She would also have a manager call me Mon as well. Around noon after hearing nothing, I went in to just close the account. Took letter and death etc again. Now they decide they cannot accept the court letter because it is more than 90 days old. The Letters are good for several years according to the court. They want a certification from the court that the estate is still open, per their legal dept. OF course it is, they still have his money that I have to collect and distribute. The court does not constantly re-issue letters, never heard of one not being accepted. I called the court and they will for a tiny fee re-issue the letter. So now I have to wait on the mail back and forth to settle. How does a bank just lose all the paperwork and everything keyed into the computer? Totally unacceptable. Also on one of my trips I heard a teller tell a drive through customer she could not find his account. Eventually she did. I sent a complaint through customer service, of course no response to that either. All the most untrained, incompetent people ever. Including their legal dept because the letter is still good and they should know that. It has been quite a year yet. How do I know someone did not take my information home as is using it? I have checked my credit reports and bank accounts. At the moment all ok. Once this is settled Never Ever will I step into a UMB Bank again. IF you know anyone who uses them - tell them to get out fast.

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  • E
    Reviewed By eja Jan 31, 2016

    Sunday night problem with no one to call

    On a sunday night my kids notice we can't get into our account and all our questions have been changed without any notice. I call the tiny number on the back of the card only to find out that I can only talk to a live body monday through saturday during the specific hours. So we are all trying to figure out if we need to go clean out our bank accounts or if someone has done that for us! If you are a criminal make sure you commit your cyber crime after 10 pm on Saturday night through Monday morning. Unreal!

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  • P
    Reviewed By Phebo81 Dec 31, 2015

    Worst UMB experience ever!

    I have been a UMB customer for w0 years, and have always had a wonderful experience. I'm literally in the lot right now after leaving at 1230pm new years eve. After waiting in line for 10 minutes I had a lady tell me she couldn't help me because i had a deposit and a money order. I'd have to wait for the next teller. As the next person arrived at her window she loudly proclaimed to the rest of the line (condecendingly, I might add) that everyone needed to already have they're deposit slips filled out. Then the manager came out and again stated that everyone needed to have everything filled out. When I finally got to the teller he said there were no envlopes for my money order (which they gladly give me at every other branch I've ever been to). Overall, 3 people plus a bank manager working on new years eve is ridiculous, on top of everyone treating they're customers like children. I will never come to this location again.

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  • B
    Reviewed By bolts Dec 29, 2015

    Denies Credit Worthy Applicants

    I applied for a Born Free credit card through UMB to help the elephants and was denied. I have credit in the excellent range, it was stated on the denial letter. Granted, this is a bank I had never EVEN HEARD OF until I saw the application on Born Free's website.
    Just goes to show why I had never heard of it. It is a joke of an institution.

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  • F
    Reviewed By formercust Oct 27, 2015

    Know nothing about customer service!

    At this UMB bank, I am treated consistently as if I should bow down and kiss the feet of the bank personnel. A couple of years ago I informed them the purpose of my visit was to withdraw the Required Minimum Distribution from a Beneficiary IRA. After going through all the steps to complete the withdrawal I was confused when I was told the balance of the IRA, as it did not correspond with the statement I held (the only one I have ever seen, which was sent to my mother's address). It turns out that the bank had just recently sent me the RMD payment without notifying me, either before or after completing the transaction. I was told they could not reverse the transaction that I had just made, even if I had no knowledge of the stealth RMD payment I had yet to receive from the bank. I have made multiple requests for a statement - so far the result has been absolutely none. Today I tried to cash a $20 birthday check I recently received at the bank, but was told that to cash the check I had to go to Chase. Well that is just what I am doing. Rolling over that IRA to the Chase just down the street. No wonder there are NEVER any customers when I visit this UMB. I imagine the employees are always chuckling over the latest text they sent/received from another employee - just like the unprofessional clerk was doing today when I approached her. STAY AWAY. YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID

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  • M
    Reviewed By Mizzou Oct 26, 2015

    Umb columbia mo

    Wonderful helpful people!! Coming from out-of-town to fix college son's account. They knew we were cutting it close with time. They had everything ready and we were in and out within minutes. Thanks again

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  • E
    Reviewed By ellen coady Jul 22, 2015

    absolutely worst customer service ever!

    I was trying to add to my HSA account and was not able to do it. It took 3 calls and a supervisor to finally find out the reason. They are "like Pay Pal" and will take two test withdrawals before the actual withdrawal can be made. I couldn't find this anywhere on their website, and the agent insisted it was there. And it wasn't so much the issue I was having as the attitude of the UMB representatives and even a supervisor, they really didn't seem to care about my needing to add money to my HSA today. It just was not possible unless I wanted to wire funds and then there would be a charge on both ends, they seemed to happily inform me.
    I would suggest UMB invest in customer service training for the direct phone line staff. And I have suggested to Premera to look for another bank to partner with. And no I don't expect either of these companies to really care.

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  • P
    Reviewed By PaulaRobbins Apr 3, 2015

    HSA Customers Beware

    I have to say that I am terribly disappointed not only in the level of inaccuracy in procedures by the bank staff, but more so in the poor follow up and service response to the bank's mistakes. I received a 1099 with a total of $324.xx, when I paid out over $1500.xx in medical expenses for 2014. Most of my 2014 deposits were made by cash at the branch level. When they were processed as a "redeposit" rather than a "deposit" after a wait of 3-6 days (for a cash deposit, mind you), this threw my total off completely. A deposit is cash. A redeposit is when a vendor per se, sends money back into the account for like an over payment. In other words, the deposits I made were inaccurately documented as redeposits, thus, throwing my 1099 total down by more than $1200! Even worse, when I called to get this rectified, the first time, I was told I'd hear back from someone within 1-2 business days... That was two weeks ago and I need to file my tax return, so need this now. I left the country and now that I'm back and am following up, the best they can tell me, again, is I need to wait 1-2 business days for them to review this, and that they recommend that I not walk in to a UMB branch for these deposits. That I send a deposit by mail... Really? If you can't trust a bank to handle a cash deposit in hand, how can you trust a bank at all? Very disappointed and very upset that this has taken so much work...and surely not feeling confident at all it will be accurately resolved. Poor accuracy, poor customer service response.

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  • D
    Reviewed By dj02106393 Dec 27, 2014

    Very Convenient

    I have never once experienced anything but very friendly and helpful tellers at this Price Chopper branch of UMB.

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  • A
    Reviewed By anakata Sep 23, 2014


    Excellent bank and customer service

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