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Reviewed By dillond Mar 18, 2016

Bank is Great, Other services NOT SO!

So, we've been banking with USAA for seven years, absolutely no problem, one issue which was taken care of promptly. We see all the one stars and assume that most folk don't take the time to post positive reviews, but when feeling scorned, post. Now, as for USAA's insurance, VERY BAD, uses credit scores to justify high fees rather than driving and claim records. Credit cards, VERY BAD, declined us a card when Bank of America and HSBC granted us credit.

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Reviewed By angrycustomer523 Aug 28, 2014

Steals Money From Victims Of Fraud

They won't accept police reports and even if you send one in they refuse to read it. False advertising of protecting veterans and soldiers.

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Latest USAA Reviews

    Reviewed By DJJOSEPH Apr 21, 2017

    Sad to see a former pillar becoming dust

    USAA no longer deserves to represent themselves as a company for Veterans. Just read their reviews. Ive been a member for 28 years and am now pulling out everything but life insurance. GOD I hope I dont die.
    Had an auto accident in December 2016. As of April 2017 we have yet to receive reimbursement. Communication is poor. They have played games throughout the whole process and have now agreed in words only to pay a very small portion of the money needed to repair the car. Got hit by a huge city bus and they can't understand the damage and say they see rust on a well-kept Florida car that is rust-free. They insult your intelligence and stick together internally no matter how high you go. They say the police report only notes damage in rear quarter. Sad to see a former pillar becoming dust. Will be sending a letter to Florida Insurance Commissioner and Senator.

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    Reviewed By dtroitlions21 Apr 14, 2017

    Missing Money

    USAA was never my "main" checking/savings account. I would transfer large amounts into it for savings, then use it a little at a time if needed. Today, I noticed that when I went to transfer money into the account, it told me that the account did not exist. When I went onto my USAA online account neither my checking nor savings were available.

    After looking at some past statements, I noticed that funds had been transferred out of both accounts on the same day in August (not a whole lot, but that's besides the point) to bring the accounts to $0. In October, they sent out an updated policy letter about them being able to close your account with no notice if it was at $0. I didn't pay much attention to it seeing as how I was under the impression that I still had money in both accounts. Apparently, that is what happened. They closed both accounts in November (only 2 months after them having a $0 balance).

    When I called to find out what happened to the money that was transferred out, and possibly reopening both accounts, I was told that their records didn't go that far back (let me remind you that it's only been 6 months since they closed my account), and that they could put in a "locate transfer request", but that department was separate and in order to do that I would have to pay $15 an hour for them to locate my money...for each account. It could have ended up costing me more to find the money, than the amount of money that was missing.

    Like I stated before, it wasn't a whole lot of money (maybe about $75), but the fact that money could just go missing like that and they wouldn't/couldn't do anything about it unless I paid them more money is absolutely ridiculous. On top of them just closing the accounts with no notice of them having done so.

    Needless to say I did not reopen my account, and I will never have another checking/savings/credit card/or any other type of account with them.

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    Reviewed By mollema Apr 11, 2017

    The Worst Bank EVER

    I have never had so much trouble with a Bank! I thought being a bank geared towards veterans that it would be good! NO it isn't. The people you deal with on the phone are pretty useless and not helpful. It seems their procedures change constantly. They were good at first but went downhill quickly. Don't expect much professionalism from them. I would recommend ALLY BANK. They are so much better. They are also an online bank.

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    Reviewed By JDough Apr 5, 2017


    Incompetence. Conflicting info. Multiple department transfers. BLOOD-BOILING hold times (almost an hour for each of the 4 calls I experienced). "We have what we need" then "We need another document". After several rounds of this, I exploded and told them forget it, I will not proceed, I'm taking my $$$ elsewhere.
    Then surprisingly a packet arrived, displaying my FULL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, saying "Your accounts are set up, please send us money". I called and closed the accounts. Three weeks later a duplicate packet arrived! It took another 2 calls, multiple transfers and long hold-times to "get me to the right department authorized to close accounts".

    Run. Run far away.

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    Reviewed By USAAhater Mar 9, 2017

    Yet another worthless bank

    I got a secured credit card with these losers. Two of my business creditors were declined when they tried to charge the card, even though they have 100% of the credit limit on account in their bank and there was 10 times the available credit on the card as the amount of the charges. I called the imbeciles up to tell them they are absolutely NOT allowed to decline any charges on my account for ANY reason. It's my money, not theirs. By not accepting my charges, they are stealing my money and behaving like what they absolutely are, criminals. I had hopes this bank would be different...NOPE. Just another bunch of worthless scumbag thieves...pathetic! They refused to accept my terms and I dropped the rotten criminals like a hot rock. What use is an effing credit card that doesn't accept charges? These crooks will do anything to keep your money. Even destroy your credit with your creditors. Go to Hell USAA bank. It's where you belong!

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    Reviewed By Sickofusaa Aug 19, 2016

    What happened to USAA?

    I remember when being a member of USAA was a badge of honor. Now it is more like walking around with a STUPID stamp on your forehead.
    They treat me as a second class citizen because my husband is the veteran. I have spent HOURS trying to get the simpliest of tasks accomplished. Good luck if you choose USAA, I'm going to a bank that cares.

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    Reviewed By ConsumerReviewer Jul 23, 2016

    Money First Customer Last

    They never have managers or supervisors on staff to assist customers and when you leave a message they do not respond. It's obvious that employees are treated badly. It used to be they were treated well and in turn they would treat us well even if we were under extreme duress. They had the common sense and decency to take control over the situation. Now a minor problem becomes a massive problem.

    They are also cut off your credit/debit card without warning and are not available nights or weekends so you are left with no access to your money. They are vengeful. If you have a problem they won't help you. They don't have to, they've gotten so large they can spin situations to best fit their narrative. The government backs banks terrible policies, resulting in huge financial gains for the banks and petty theft from your account.

    They charge huge fees when a transaction declines. It used to be that if you didn't have money, you didn't have money. There was no fee to be broke. Not anymore, whether or not they pay out a transaction you are charged a fee. They will take money to cover a debit from an unrelated account but they won't tap it to help you avoid a fee.

    They can also allow other companies to use predatory policies against you. Paypal can try to debit your account 3 times resulting in 3 insufficient funds fees in addition to the 3 that USAA charges. That is $150 for one $5 transaction. USAA colludes in predatory practices.

    Because they are so large now they are able to hang up on you, not help you, not be experts in their field resulting in a total loss of confidence. Since they know I am not a high rolling customer they can continue their bad service as I have no other options. Back when I first joined they treated the most vulnerable customers with the most care, now they have followed in the path of other unethical banks.

    To be fair, they are 'nice' they just don't follow it up with action so I'm inclined to think, errr they ain't nice.

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    Reviewed By Riggeo Jun 18, 2016

    Not who they used to be

    I've always had wonderful service from usaa banking and insurance but that all changed last week when I noticed two bounced checks on my account. I had forgotten about a check and didn't have sufficient funds BUT I signed up for overdraft protection when I opened the account 15 or so years ago and had plenty in savings to cover it. After 40 min on hold and 30 minutes on a chat they finally figured out that even though my account has always said it was overdraft protected it wasn't actually "turned on."

    They recredited their fees but when I asked about the other bank's fees and how to ensure the check was resubmitted they said they couldn't help. They admitted fault but I have to deal with the consequences. I've been a member for almost 30 years and I can't believe it. I guess I'll report them to the appropriate bank regulator and the BBB. This is not my USAA!

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    Reviewed By 11lacy951 Apr 20, 2016

    Horrible Service that I make a point to tell anyone I can about

    I have been a member of USSA for 8 years now. They are HORRIBLE people. I had insurance thru them ( I canceled as soon as I could). I never had to file a claim so I didn't have issue with them but canceled because of the Horrid service in Banking and credit card services!!
    With banking they have an ungodly "hold" period. I bank with two other banks and have Never had that issue. Not to mention they talk down to you like your 12 when you ask about it and NOONE cares or even tries to listen to you. My breaking point was when I changed bank account information thru my work. My paycheck went to another bank but was put in by payroll incorrectly so my paycheck was delayed by 2 days. I called USSA to inform them and ask for a two day extension. She informed me that she MIGHT be able to transfer it from another account I had but she had to place me on Hold so she could see how and if she could do that, I was on hold for several minutes and the phone disconnected . At this point I had been on the phone for a while and had to go and pick up my children and thought I will just call her back. The following day for whatever reason, my paycheck was deposited before the two days so I just transferred the money and paid my insurance that way. The NEXT day I received a letter stating they withdrew the money from the other account...WITH OUT MY PERMISSION and would NOT return it. Just because we discussed my issues did not give her the ok to do that! Especially since the phone hung up. I called and tried to explain and they said they would "investigate" but pretty much it was FUCK you mam we got our money so Bug off.
    The credit card is joke and if you ever have to talk to them make sure you take the day off from work because you will end up talking to 5 different departments and end up with nothing being accomplished. I have a credit card thru them and soon I will have it paid off. I CANNOT wait to be done with this company!

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    Reviewed By victim1 Apr 15, 2016

    Financial predators; NOT the same company it was even 10 years ago

    I've been a member of USAA for over 40 years and received outstanding service until about 10 years ago, interestingly about the time it began advertising on TV. They used to be amazing, polite, trusting and competent, going out of their way to serve the unique needs of the military members they were designed to serve. But things have changed drastically. A few years ago when I was very ill my wallet was stolen and identity used. I had to change all my banking to USAA and spent hours on the phone with them about their incredibly poor bill paying service. Reps spent hours viewing screens with me showing confusing and contradictory information making it impossible for me to see how much I really owed. I was so worried about getting behind, but spent so much time on it that I didn't review my credit card bills to see they were being maxed out!!! I didn't receive even ONE call from USAA questioning why my spending at increased 10 fold and I was maxing cards out in a way never done. They didn't question $4000.00 airfares, thousand on gas and groceries or out of state charges. All they did was say that I didn't report it in time and I owed the over $50,000.00 in credit card debt, INSISTING that they had and used fraud software. This of course couldn' t have been true. I'd had my finances with Pentagon Federal Credit union for 40 years as well and frequently had cards declined for out of state charges, and received calls immediately if something didn't seem right. I'd never maxed out a card nor had large balances BUT USAA has seen all of this as a huge source of income. It was a one time happening; my 40 years of excellent credit meant nothing and they showed no loyalty to members. It in my opinion and experience is the worst, most unethical, dishonest, and unreliable financial institution around and should have its privileges revoked as a financial institution

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