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Reviewed By JII Aug 7, 2015

A Dolphin swimming in a pack of sharks

Opened an account in West Seattle after receiving poor service from another local bank in the area. The West Seattle Umpqua bank employees go out of their way and attempt to treat you more like a person than a number. I actually had one employee tell me that my account was overdrawn and they contacted me personally to let me know and said they didn't want to see me get an overdraft over a starbucks coffee or something. What other banks do that?

The West Seattle branch is excellent to work with. Kelsey is excellent and cares a lot, Lai is very responsive to issues and the manager Kirk has been very helpful and responsive. The one area where I had some trouble in the past was with the institutional policy on wiring service a couple of years ago which they had made very difficult to process if you are out of the area due to wire fraud and I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it done. But Kirk, Lai and Kelsey were extremely helpful in finding ways to get it taken care of. Best Bank I have dealt with so far.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Johnyamas Dec 7, 2015

Do not use this bank if you plan on traveling

I am traveling out of the country.
I called to let them know. When I try to log in on line they want a code from a phone where I am not at.
If I call when they are open I am calling long distance. I wait forever. They say if I want a callback to press star key. That does not give enough space for the phone number where I am. So I lose my place in line after 11 minutes and have to start over

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Latest Umpqua Bank Reviews

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    Reviewed By Takenbyumpqua Nov 29, 2016

    Surprise overcharging on auto loan

    I have been paying extra every month on my auto loan for a year. When I got the loan I was told it was fine to pay off early. Now I realize they weren't taking the extra off of the principle. They were just letting it accrue in their pocket and still charging me full interest. To fix it they want me to give them access to my account at my credit union instead of using auto pay at my credit union. I wish I had looked for an alternate source for this loan. My sacrifice for a year was going into their pocket. No effect whatever.

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    Reviewed By pinecone Oct 31, 2016

    Ridiculous online experience of any bank

    I have tried over the past several years to like Umpqua Bank-- I love the branding, the bankers in the Portland branches are super nice and awesome-- but, the freakin' website is an absolute nightmare. Quite often, you cannot log in around 11 PM PST to the website, and then if you are able to get on, loan accounts will be missing. Statements are duplicative, my debit card was closed for NO reason (I called customer service and they said I had requested it... um nooooo.... "oh we didn't call you?" Uh, NOOOOOO). Absurd. I wanted to like this bank but when podunk no-name credit unions have more robust and reliable online banking platforms than Umpqua it makes you wonder. Whoever is in charge of their digital banking experience for consumers needs to be fired and replaced immediately.

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    Reviewed By Monk Oct 13, 2016

    Bounce Guard Bull $hit

    In 2010 the Fed Reserve made a LAW against automatically "providing" overdraft protection that lets ATM/POS charges to go thru and incure a fee (usually $35 per). Umpqua calls their service "Bounce Guard" and, magical, you are signed up for it even if you don't want it. I opened a savings account to act expressly as OD protection for my business checking. This week, almost 5 years later, I get hit w 4 OD charges. No one, anywhere in the system seems to have the authority to help or remove these charges. And no one seems to know how I didn't get my accounts properly linked. I will be closing my account tomorrow (after over a week) of getting the complete run around from everyone at Umpqua bank!

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    Reviewed By chris974 Aug 20, 2016

    Terrible experience

    It is 2016 and yet their online tools simply do not work, even to make a simple mortgage payment. I tried contacting the customer service several times but they are no help. I got the generic "Sometimes it takes a few days for the website to start working and allow payment" response. It's been weeks and it still does not work.

    We also started receiving a lot of mortgage related spam mail since we opened our account, for various third party companies :/

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    Reviewed By Ndsouza Jul 26, 2016

    Terrible service

    I would give a Zero Star rating if I could. Obtained a loan through the auto dealer. Refinanced through Wells Fargo. Asked for a payoff. Was charged $30 for the statement. Could not open the secure email, requested it again charged another $30. Tried to get a refund, answer sorry no refunds even though it was their fault. Run don't walk from this bank.

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    Reviewed By pdxuser Jul 4, 2016

    The biggest catch: ATM fees everywhere!

    Almost everyone uses an ATM at one point or another, but with Umpqua, you pay up to $6 every time you touch any ATM besides their own branch ATMs, even just to check your balance.

    On top of other ATMs' fees of about $3.00 (and Umpqua charges a ridiculous $3.50 for non-members), Umpqua also charges their own $2.50 fee on top of that, totalling $5.50 to $6.00 per transaction! They even charge this fee if you just check your balance. Even more amazing is that they have no free ATM network. Literally every other small and medium-sized bank I could find had tens of thousands of free ATMs through a network like MoneyPass or Allpoint. Even the tiniest credit unions offer tens of thousands of free ATMs through the Co-op and CU24 networks. And of course the big banks have thousands of their own ATMs. But Umpqua doesn't have any such network. Either drive to the bank to use their own branch ATMs, or get double-charged. If you ever travel outside the West Coast, you're out of luck.

    But none of this is obvious if you look at their website. It says checking accounts offer $10 ATM fee reimbursements* and free Plus Deposit Network ATMs. Except these turn out to be illusions. If you click on the asterisk, you'll find out that you have to keep a minimum balance of $2,500 every day to get the ATM reimbursement. This is a $2,500 loan to Umpqua that either they keep until you close your account, or you start paying fees. And remember how they double-charge you? This means that $10 reimbursement only fully covers one ATM use, and you start paying on the second use. So in exchange for a $2,500 loan to Umpqua, you get one free ATM use. Don't waste it all on a balance inquiry.

    And the Plus Deposit Network is nothing like the vast Plus network. In my city of Portland, Oregon, it consists of just two ATMs in the entire city limits besides Umpqua. Two whole ATMs. And they're only free if you just make a deposit. Again, don't check your balance, or Umpqua will charge you $2.50 for that.

    This is the absolute worst bank I've ever seen when it comes to ATM fees. And believe me, once I found out how stingy Umpqua is about ATM fees, I checked literally every other bank and credit union in the downtown area I live in. Umpqua really is the absolute worst for ATM fees, by a long shot.

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    Reviewed By fst442 May 31, 2016

    Umpqua, unfair mortgage practices

    This review is for Umpqua's mortgage department located at 8121 W Grandridge in Kennewick. I called Umpqua to see what my refinancing options were, after receiving a few options, I chose the loan I wanted. We own a 4 bedroom 2 bath, 1/2 of the living quarters are located in the 768 sq ft basement. We've recently remodeled our basement and are about 85% complete, we need doors and molding. The appraiser made his assessment on a 2 bedroom 1 bath at 768 sq ft because the basement wasn't "complete".
    Based on our loan officer's advice, we appealed the appraiser's assessment and the decision was upheld. Umpqua did not insist on a Freddie Mae form 442 be completed with our appeal(we learned about this form later) stating the home's worth after the basement is completed.
    During this fiasco with the appraiser, Umpqua's underwriting department wanted a copy of my husband's Dissolution of Marriage. He provided it, the underwriting department told him that wasn't the right form. Umpqua even requested a copy of the Dissolution of Marriage from the county of his divorce and were provided the exact same thing my husband provided them. Still, they insisted there should be more. There isn't and after haggling back and forth, the underwriter's moved our loan forward.
    At this time we were so defeated and didn't want to start the loan all over again, we finished our refinancing with Umpqua only to save $100.00 a month. We couldn't even get the mortgage insurance taken off because of the bad appraisal. Umpqua told us that they'd reimburse us for the inspection fee, which they did but added that reimbursement to our closing costs.
    I'm disappointed that a local bank would carry out these practices and continue to wonder why I'm paying taxes on a 4 bed 2 bath when the appraiser states we have a 2 bed 1 bath.

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    Reviewed By maysnow May 13, 2016

    Dysfunctional customer service and very poor on-line banking experience

    I have had a mortgage with Umpqua Bank for many years and didn't take much notice of them until the servicer on the mortgage changed from a third party (Dovenmuehle) to Umpqua. Now that I have had to deal directly with Umpqua I have been shocked at the poor quality of their customer service. On-line banking uses an incredibly awkward interface where just finding the place to enter a login ID is a challenge. Next, as a security feature, the online banking system texts a code that you must enter to complete a login. The system would not send a text to my phone even after I spoke with a customer service representative by phone and verified that the bank has my correct phone number. It also appears that one browser works, while another one does not--a sign that they have mediocre IT support. Most frustrating of all was when I called their main number to simply request the fax number for their escrow department so I could send a bill they need to pay (I mentioned the transition from Dovenmuehle to Umpqua--all of a sudden bills that Dovenmuehle paid previously out of escrow are no longer paid by Umpqua). I just needed a fax number, but this led to 20 minutes of waiting and being on hold for various amounts of time. Incredibly, none of their phone operators appear to be trusted enough to have a company phone directory. The representative I spoke with was unable to give me the fax number of the escrow department and he had to "track someone down at their desk". Unbelievable.

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    Reviewed By thespad Mar 16, 2016

    Simply terrible

    Was with Sterling with a Home equity line of credit and a checking account that I was suppose to simply be able to write checks against the line of credit. Umpqua bought sterling. Shut down my ability to withdraw money from the line of credit, converted my checking into a high maintenance fee checking account and immediately over drafted when I went to use my line of credit to pay for house repairs. Now I get an $18 service charge maintenance fee every month that my combined checking positive balance plus what I owe on the LOC is less than $15,000. If I had $15,000, I would not keep it in a checking account at next-to zero interest. This fee is a penalty for doing the right thing and paying off my loan. I cannot wait to save up enough money to pay off the loan and close all accounts with Umpqua.

    One other point, sterling refunded all ATM fees I paid for using other banks atms because they knew that they did not have enough atms or locations to be convenient to people and refunding atm fee's were cheaper than installing more atms.
    Bottom line Umpqua only wants to take your money and trap you in a fee cycle.

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    Reviewed By Banked Mar 4, 2016

    Worlds Greatest Bank ? Worlds Greediest Bank

    These dirty crooks charge for every darn thing you do. I was out of town and had to use an ATM that was not a Umpqua ATM and was charge $3.00 to use the other banks ATM, o.k. I can understand using a different banks atm and having a fee.. Here is where I have a problem. MY bank, Umpqua Bank, also charged me a fee of $2.50 as a Non-Umpqua ATM Fee, What the heck is wrong with these dirty crooks? This is the Worst bank I have ever banked at...

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