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Webster Bank Fees

  • National Average
  • Monthly Inactivity N/A $6
  • Non-Sufficient Fund (Overdraft) $32 $30
  • Stop Payment item $28 $27
  • Return Deposit $10 $13
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Outbound) $30 $22
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Inbound) $15 $10
  • Non-Bank ATM $1.8 $1.0

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Latest Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By dorfey Sep 25, 2017

    worst bank around

    warwick ri and maine branch in ct not professionelat all never have gone to a bank for a line of credit that asked so many questions sent up an appraiser very rude thought he owned the bankand on top of that they called me from ct and told me they had bad news that i was not approved and laughed at me should have gone on line and looked at all the bad reviews i never seen so many on a bank what a waste of time stay away they like to paint a pretty picture

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    Reviewed By acapulcoandy Aug 31, 2017

    Mortgage Application Hamden Ct Limarie Rivera Manager

    I was told by the mortgage underwriter Michele Raymond to go to my local Webster Branch (Hamden, Ct) and they could scan and fax to her the pages from a condominium documents book. When I arrived the Manager Limarie Rivera said "wow ther must be 100 pages" the bank I came from we would just overnight it tio the underwriter. I tolld her you are not at the bank you came from, you are at Webster this is what underwriting asked me to do so they could complete my mortgage application. After twenty minutes of excuse by Limarie Rivera saying she din't have enough staff, (ther were no customers in the bank during thev 20 minutes) she said it was TOO MUCH WORK for her. LAZY OVERPIAD MANAGER !!

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    Reviewed By hbella2323 Jul 20, 2017

    total scam artists

    I have been a Webster bank customer for 12 years and never had an issue with this bank until recently. A hacker hacked into my online account with google play that I had my bank card information and racked up $400 of online purchases. I haven't used that account in months. Subsequently it caused my account to overdraft. I had gotten a phone call from Webster's own Fraud department telling me there was suspicious activity with my bank card. I denied the transactions and went into my local branch the next day to dispute the transactions. I asked them if they could wave bank fees due to the fact that the overdrafts were not my fault and pleaded with them that if they didn't I would lose 1/2 of my paycheck and I couldn't afford to lose. They said No, that if they decided to refund me then I would get all overdraft fees back. 500.00 were taken in just over draft fees. This all took place the beginning of MAY and I still have no resolution. Further more the emails that this EFT dept sends me regarding the investigation are insulting. It is the same questions over and over again just a different email. They asked me why I only disputed transactions up to a certain date but nothing more than that? Federal law only allows you to go back 60 days and this was what my local branch told me. So the disputes were only for 60 days. I find it really scummy to try to trick a customer or make them second guess themselves by saying and I quote "if you haven't used your google play account, then why are you only disputing certain transactions but not others?" Well idiots you should know the law? The transactions they asked me about were going back more than 60 days!! I would dispute them if I could. Iv had two emails asking me if I haven't bought anything with google play then why was was my card presented at the time of these purchases? Does Webster not know how hacking works? I had to answer the same questions over and over. And all the while they get more and more insulting. Making me feel that I actually am trying to pull a fast one on them. Or that I am at fault. They told the branch manager that they would reopen my case once they received the emails from me and mail me a letter stating so. Well never got the letters and when I asked the bank manager I delt with for the disputes, the EFT dept claim they mailed it out or I didn't "send my email to the right email" I sent my response to their second interrogating email on july 2nd and have not heard a word. I had to forward it to the bank manager that iv been dealing with today, because god forbid they don't "get it". Bottom line, I find it really interesting that the same bank that tells me I am ONLY going to get my 500.00 worth of bank fees back is the same Entity that makes the decision that I get refunded the stolen money. I find that a conflict of interest. Of course they don't want to give me the money back because that means they would have to refund me the bank fees. Im still waiting on a decision. I really have zero hope that Ill ever see that money again. And honestly at this point I would settle for the money that was stolen from me. I wouldn't recommend this bank to anyone. Don't ever get your bank account or card information stolen from this bank because they will treat you like You're the criminal. That's what upsets me the most. I honestly think they just wait for this to happen to customers, so they can profit of the bank fees that accrue. Its pretty pathetic. Iv been a loyal customer for over a decade, despite what this decision is Ill be closing my account and leaving this bank. I know they wont care because I'm just a spoke in a wheel. I don't have a lot of money and I don't have a business account. But I do have friends and family that have both. And they are looking to leave over this incident. Its about principal now. And I have absolutely no problem bad mouthing this bank on every social media platform including the media. Go elsewhere because they don't give crap about you.

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