BB&T Peachtree Center Branch

230 Peachtree St Nw, Atlanta, GA 30303

Downtown Location

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Branch Phone Number (678)553-1520

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    Reviewed By Stefanee Feb 3, 2014

    Cashed the check. Didn't release the funds. Charged overdraft fees.

    on the 14th of January I deposited an insurance check bearing my father and mine name into my business account. A two-day hold was placed on the majority of the funds. On the third day I began spending and my phone began blowing up stating I was overdrawn. I walked into the near branch office and was informed an administrative hold was place on the check because I deposited a third party check into my business account. I said okay give me back the check and I'll deposit it into another account of mine. Not an option we need a ratification form signed by your father, who's in Ohio notarized and original signature send back to us. Form arrives back after the M L K Jr. Holiday on the 23rd only to be told the form wasn't filled out correctly by the bank representative didn't include the account number for which the funds were drawn. We had to start over. Now my 74 year old father with congestive heart failure must duplicate his effort. All while I'm dealing with the worse weather Georgia has seen in years. Grandchild off from school and I made to life on the bear minimum of supplies. I contacted the insurance company because God said, "Fool this isn't right". The insurance company said the check was cashed on the 14th. The same day I deposited it. I get a scanned copy front and back and walk back into the back on Friday the 31st requesting some type of justice and they still told me they are waiting on the original signature on the ratification form and they traced it and it should be there within an hour or so. I said give me the number of someone higher. I got the corporate BB&T and they game me North Carolina Commerce of Banks number and I'm on a mission to let everyone know I'm not the first one they have done this to but with God's help I want to be the last. When you can't pay your bill, buy food or gas and you have money in the bank this is call theft, extortion and a crime. Oh! they still have not given be back my overdraft fees.

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