BB&T Decatur Branch

1221 Clairmont Road, Decatur, GA 30030

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Branch Phone Number (404)320-3300

BB&T Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Gail F. May 18, 2013

    Worse Customer and Business Services Ever

    3.5 years ago I purchased a business and received an collateralize acquisition loan which has been paid down almost half. We approached them to rework the loan for cap ex purposes as they were over collateralize to the point of 220% to loan value, their requirement was 75% to loan value. Over half of the collateral was cash and the rest in stock, Cd's and equipment. They refused to release any of the collateral and it became contentious between their representatives and my Company. Note: Over the 3.5 years I have owned the Company, we have never missed a payment, they have had continual turnover with representatives in their Business/Commercial Loan Department, they had never visited my Company in 3 years. In addition, we had our business checking with them until we figured out they take their debit first and then credit your account the next day with your deposits which is predatory, I went to another bank this week moved the balance of this loan to them and BB&T still refused to release the collateral until the payoff has posted. This bank could care less about small business, could care less about building relationships with their customers, could care less whether you go to another bank or if they lose customers, I could go on as to why you should not consider BB&T for business/commercial or even individual services, this is why BIG banks get a bad name. I feel sorry for their non-commercial customers as you are probably unaware of their predatory deposit policy which could result in huge fees as your deposit doesn't post the day you put it in, if you write checks and they come through the bank the same night your checks bounce, you get the nsf fees not to mention the order in which they pay the nsf checks. Back to business services, if you do go to them, don't expect them to work with you down the road, they are not there for you or to work with you in any manner whatsoever, they are unreasonable and inflexible. Proceed at your own risk.

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