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BB&T Cambridge Branch

601 Crusader Road, Cambridge, MD 21613

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Branch Phone Number (410)228-5200

BB&T Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By IWorkHard Aug 6, 2016

    Worst bank I've ever dealt with

    First off, let's start off with the fact that the ATM at the Cambridge branch is rarely working and this includes the new machine that was recently installed. For me to get cash elsewhere, including Royal Farms, which has "no surcharge" machines - BB&T will charge me TWO fees of $2.50 each for every withdrawal I do there. I asked BB&T to waive the fees since their ATM was not working at these times and the next closest branch is about 15 miles away. BB&T refused to waive the fees.

    Next issue with this bank - disputed charges. I had paid an ebay charge, which should have come from my Paypal account. Ebay instead took the money from my checking, which I did NOT authorize. This led to over $200 in overdraft fees. I disputed the charges and fees with BB&T and in their usual fashion, they said I approved the charge, which I DIDN'T. On top of all of that, while trying to contact their customer service department - I was literally on hold for 30-40 minutes each time, got disconnected 3 out of 4 times, as soon as an operator got on the line. I was literally on the phone for about half the night and I had to get up at 4:00 am to go to work. The kicker out of all that was that BB&T had the nerve to charge me $2 for each of the calls to customer service. Unbelievable!

    Now, let's talk about their most recent shenanigans. I had just changed jobs and got my first paycheck on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend. This paycheck was for two weeks of work plus overtime with a net amount of $1056. I went to the branch at lunch time to deposit $856 and get $200 cash back. The teller made me wait for 10 minutes, then asked for my drivers license. She made me wait 10 more minutes, then said I could only have $100 and the rest of the money would not be available until Wednesday - 6 days to have access to my payroll check?!?!? Give me a break. She said the reasoning was because the check was "too much." I hate to think what they do to people who actually make a lot of money, because in my world a $1000 check for two weeks work (working 11 hours a day) is not all that spectacular. I had bills that needed to get paid and clearly BB&T does not understand the fact that when a lot of people deposit a paycheck, they do that because they are going to write checks to pay bills, not just give that money to the bank to hang onto until it decides that I'm allowed access to the money that I earned.

    I've never dealt with such a horrible bank in my life. I'm literally tempted to just cash all my checks at the bank where they're drawn on and bury the money in a coffee can in my yard. That's how horrible BB&T is.

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    Reviewed By swanndanielle May 22, 2015

    4 years of having a checking account with them and this....

    i have had my bank account for 4 years through bb&t and I have worked at the same place for 3 years every two weeks I go to deposit my check. and today I go and I am told that they want to put a 2 day hold on my check. I am told that it is because they do not have my employer in there computer and to go to the bank that the doctor I work for uses all way across town to cash the check and come back and deposit it... so I go to m&t to cash my check and I am charged $10 to cash my check cause I don't have a account with them... I get back to bb&t for the women inside to tell me that the reason they could not deposit my work check was because I didn't have enough funds in my account to cover the check.. I explained to her I have had as little as 20 dollars in my account before and have never had a problem I have used the same branch the same checking account and had the same employer for 3 years and now they want to start holding my pay checks... yeah I don' t think so I will be going else where to do my banking from now.. they have lost a customer

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