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434 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, NC 27601

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Branch Phone Number (919)716-9000

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    Reviewed By Kathy B. Aug 10, 2013


    We began a mortgage process over a year ago with a gentleman by the name of Chad at a BB&T branch in or near Durham, NC. We placed all of our banking business with BB&T in expectation that all of our business would be done with this bank.

    Once we were ready to start looking for houses (which was only after ours sold) we were put in touch with a woman named Wendy, also from a branch in or near Durham, NC. This woman was completely incompetent as far as mortgages go, giving us an extremely low pre-qualification number due to her mistakes when dealing with our credit facts, which are not complicated.

    We had to ask to be given another contact- a woman by the name of Kathy. Although she straightened out the pre-qualification mess that Wendy made, she could not help with the purchase of land and a home to be built on it. She didn't even really try and just stopped contacting us.

    Carolina Bank had no issues with our request and we ended up going with them for our mortgage. It is truly frustrating to have all of our banking at one bank , BB&T, that could not even get the mortgage for building a home correct.

    Add to that the issue of having all of our checking and savings disappear from our accounts one Saturday night in the spring of 2013 and having our purchases declined. The money showed back up but not before some frustrating attempts to find out where our money went ("oh that was just a little technical glitch") and not being able to do a simple cash withdrawal from the only ATM in downtown Durham on Saturday August 3, 2013.

    We're gone and so is all the money we had in BB&T and it wasn't peanuts either.

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