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BB&T Myrtle Beach Main Branch

2619 North Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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Branch Phone Number (843)443-4240

BB&T Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By pgizmo Jul 20, 2016

    Worst bank ever.

    This Bank and its management are the worst I have ever dealt with.

    The main manager, a disgustingly overweight woman, (Luann Robinson) who talks more than she listens, thinks she is some sort of mother to the customers she treats as unruly children. She is dishonest, and a complete bitch.

    She promotes a culture were you are PRIVILEGED to bank there, as if it is something she allows. She does not get or act as though you are a customer. They feel they dont "need" you... you need them.

    They ALLOW you access to YOUR money.

    The teller staff is a collection of bitches. They act as though you are reaching into THEIR pockets taking THEIR money when making a withdrawal.

    I cant think of a single good thing to say about ANY experience I had while dealing with this den of cunts.*

    It kinda started on one of my first experiences... I sat in the waiting area KNOWING I needed a banker... not a teller. The branch manger asked me what I needed... I started to say "well... I need to deposit these checks and..." she cut me off and said "deposits are done at the tellers" and started to walk away. "She sensed I was perturbed with her response, and said, "you need to go to the teller line for deposits. " I smiled and said ok! Went to the teller line, waited in line for a few min, and then showed the teller that I needed to deposit some checks and cash, but first need to get signature cards on the accounts as well as group multiple accounts together under the same profile as they were set up online... As expected... she sent me back to the bankers. The only guy in the place, an inept but friendly fella named Alex did help... although he screwed it all up and even today the signature cards and groupings are a source of problems.

    They canceled all my credit cards while I was traveling... no one can explain why.

    my online banking access was revoked... no one can explain why.

    A block was placed on an account with thousands in it... I cant get the money untill they can close the account... I cant have MY money untill they figure things out.

    The bank is so screwed up, I would rather bank with the government or a 3 time felon thief than these idiots.

    I went to the counter to try and withdraw the last of my funds the other day... I could only get half... signature cards were STILL screwed up... as I left I told the woman (who was acting like a real bitch... as though I was begging her for her money) "I am done with this bank...I will be here monday to close every account. FUCK bbt."

    Monday morning Fatty Pants calls... tells me its HER closing my accounts "I hear you made quite the spectacle of yourself and swore at my tellers!"

    This makes me laugh... you wanna "scold" me and punish me by closing my accounts? What she didnt know was in my pocket was a cashiers check for $630,000.00 from the sale of a business. That check was deposited in my new account at another bank that was OVERJOYED to have a new customer... and 3 of the people that came in to welcome me ALL said they had heard identical complaints about BBt and the oak st branch.

    I would rather shove pinecones dipped in superglue up my own arse than ever deal with BBT in any way. I own several websites...I am blocking every single BBT BIN from being able to use my sites. If there was any way I could legally take a giant crap in the lobby, I would.

    My only hope is 2 things... 1 Every bitch in that branch reads this, and 2... customers seeking a bank see this and look elsewhere. (my real hope is the company folds in bankruptcy and every person I dealt with is laid off being owed money... but I will settle for them just losing business becasue of me.)

    Tiffany is an absolute sweetheart. She is as efficient as she is beautiful. She is so out of place among these morbidly obese morons its scary. She defines diamond in the rough.

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