BB&T Suncrest Branch

466 Chestnut Ridge Road, Morgantown, WV 26505

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Branch Phone Number (304)599-6200

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    Reviewed By wvnailspa Jul 12, 2017


    I used to have my own business here in Morgantown and I have been a BB&T customer for more than 3 years. Beginning of this year, 2017 when i was still a business owner of my nail shop. Karen Gable, who introduce herself as a BB&T market leading came to my shop and try to get the business from me by offered me about BB&T merchant service. I told her I already have my own merchant company and I was so happy with their service. Karen kept calling and insistently saying that BB&T is a second largest Merchant service provider and try to set up the the meeting for me with Kevin Lawson, merchant guy and they both kept promising they will give me the best service at the best price to compete with my current merchant service at the time. I finally agreed to switch to BB&T merchant because i want to keep the good relationship with me local banker and i find it more convenient since it locally and above of t everything was that i thought BB&T is a big company so i felt more secure to stay with them. Two month later, there was a reason so i decided to sell my business to my friend. My friend was really interested with my business but he did not have enough money so he wanted to pay me from his credit cards. we both were not have knowledgeable so we think it is okay to charge his credit cards through my terminal, the total amount he paid me through credit cards was $21,000 dollars.Next day I got a call from BB&T questioning about a large of amount charging through my terminal and I told them the purposes of those charges, they said we can not do that and all those transactions were still in PENDING. i apologized for that mistake and asked them what should i do to undo that. BB&T rep told me that i have to refund all those money back to my friend's credit cards then all those funds will be released after 24 hours and we will be okay. I did what the BB&T rep told me. After I sold my business, i have not have any chance to go to the bank to close my business checking account and recently i went online and check my account I realized that I my business account have been automatically overdraft with the amount 602.37 from merchant service. I called Kevin Lawson, merchant guy to ask him why, Kevin never answer my phone and never try to return my phone. I called Karen Gable, she said she will get back to me later . She never call back and i have to call her again and again and left many messages for her and Kevin. Finally, I have to take my working time off and drive all the way from Bridgeport to Morgantown to see Karen. I do not know because Karen is not knowledgeable enough about merchant service or she is being so dishonest but she confusing me by at first she blamed that because income of that mont of my business is so high and then i remind her that I sold my business on the 10th of that month so it should have been that much income coming in to charge me that much. Then Karen blamed the charge of $21000 transaction which already refunded and never deposited to my account. Then she blamed that from visa and master card company and finally she blamed those charge were from FRAUD DEPARTMENT???? none of her answers is make sense for me. i talked to Karen's supervisor named is Susan, Susan blamed that from the service of $21000 transaction and later Susan blamed that from visa and master card company???? I called and talked to Russom Chuck of BB&T corporation. He had someone at BB&T merchant service called me and gave me the final answer is YES, BB&T MERCHANT CHARGED ME $602.37 FOR PROCESSING THE $21000 TRANSACTION EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ON HELD AND NEVER DEPOSITED TO MY ACCOUNT???? This is a ripped off for me from my banker. Sorry for my English, but this is my bad experience i had with BB&T Merchant and with BB&T banker to share with all the small business owners out there in Morgantown and hopefully it will be helpful for all of the customers to be aware and STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANKER. Thanks so much for your times.

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