BBVA Compass Bank 107th & Olive Branch

10633 West Olive Avenue, Peoria, AZ 85345

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Branch Phone Number (623) 815-2100

BBVA Compass Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Lyn D. Nov 4, 2012

    Customer Service, What A Joke! BBVA Compass Specializes In Lying, Taking Your Money, And Avoiding You.

    I am so disappointed, disgusted, and angry with this bank. I will write every negative review for this bank until the day i can no longer write. First, i want to paint the picture for you. Compass was withdrawing money monthly for the rewards club they have for eight months. During this time i never used it one time, so they definately made out. I left one job to go to another, so direct deposit missed a month. They took that money quickly as well. Being the responsible one i walked in to the bank prior to my new job starting to request fee be waived of acct charge. I was told "that is not our problem".

    So, i requested my account to be closed so i could open a account with a bank that would treat me decent and fair. I explained the new job hours are before they open to after they close, do what did i need to do. The girl told me the remaining bxlxnce would be mailed in two weeks to allow everything to clear. I asked again if i would need to do anything else as she was cutting up my debit card. I never did have checks for this account. I have spoken to four different bankers as well as a representative that happened to call one night asking how i like my bank. All four reps told me the check is in the mail.

    I closed this acct in june and it is now nov! I was locked out online and finally was able to access the account to find that they have been charging me fees monthly on the money that - 1. I had already closed acct and had my card cut up. 2. This is the money that was supposedly in the mail! I explained to them repeatedly that i did come in and that my new job did not allow the time for me to get there before they close daily. So, how is it that they can even feel that they have the right to keep taking money from me?

    So, everyone listen - if you like to be treated like you do not matter, then this bank is for you! I am a veteran who has gave my time and heart for this country. This bank will not even return money that is rightfully mine!!

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