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BBVA Compass Bank Zarzamora Branch

218 S. Zarzamora Street, San Antonio, TX 78207

Avenida Guadalupe Location

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Branch Phone Number (210) 433-5700

BBVA Compass Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By JJ2015 Aug 20, 2014

    You have got to be kidding me!

    I banked with BBVA Compass back in 2012 for less than a year. My experience with them in just a few months was AWFUL! From miscellaneous charges here & there to unprofessional service (or lack thereof) to random holds on payroll and direct deposit items. They reduce your balance when you pay a bill, then it disappears for days, then reappears when it's convenient to charge you for an NSF fee. I had also been scammed by an internet company and despite my proof that the charges were not mine. They did not refund me the scammed amount nor the NSF fees that I incurred because of it. I'd had enough. So, in Feb 2013, I marched into the branch and asked to close my account. That process took damn near an hour, but they handed me the remaining balance of my checking account and I was on my merry way. Problem solved? WRONG!

    Fast forward to today (8/2014) I get a phone call from a random guy in NY named Steve Gavin who did not identify his company. He stated that he has paperwork filed in my county in TX for fraud charges against me regarding that Compass Bank account. He gave me a docket number, claims I owe over $1500 and if I do not respond back to him immediately, I will lose my right to represent myself at a hearing which, by the way, is in three business days. WHAT?! I've never been served any court summons? I immediately called my county courthouse and gave them this "docket" number which turns out wasn't a valid docket number at all. How could I owe $1500 on a closed account from a year and a half ago? I don't write checks and there was no outstanding bill pay or ach items. I'm infuriated, so you better believe I'm contacting my attorney and getting to the bottom of this.

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    Reviewed By dluna1026 Dec 1, 2013


    My parents have an account with this so called jack in the box bank. We have been trying for months to speak to someone at the branch and each time we call and even show up we are told I'm sorry so and so is not here but she will call you back. My parents invested in an IRA account and have lost a considerable amount of money and no one, and I do mean no one, has called them back to explain why. I don't understand why they ignore customers but I have come to the conclusion that they stole my parents money. My poor Mom is stressed out beyond belief I don't know what else to do. This place needs to shut down and go away! This bank sucks!

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