BMO Harris Bank South Roselle Road Branch

590 South Roselle Road, Schaumburg, IL 60193

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Branch Phone Number (847) 301-5466

BMO Harris Bank Branch Customer Reviews

3 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By Zabook Mar 17, 2016

    The Best Bank Ever

    This is a bank with the best people:
    Shweta (new employee)
    Shiraz Khan
    I don't remember names of rest but each and every person is the best

    Manish Patel, P.E
    CEO/Chief Engineer
    Ability Rockroad Paving
    United Road Service
    1021 N. Wood Dale Road
    Wood Dale, IL 60007

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    Reviewed By Lovingit88_ Feb 14, 2018

    As an ex employee..

    As an ex exployee. I sit and read all of these reviews and nod my head in agreement. Customer service is swamped with phone calls with issue after issue. Many of the staff are overworked and stressed. Procedures change almost daily so it is impossible to keep up. As a result the wrong info is given out and customers get angry because they were told something different from someone else.I can tell you bankers,customer service reps, tellers are always trying to make their customers experiences better. When this concern is relayed to upper management, the top ignores most of the advice.Top management only cares about the money, that is all. Banking is a big business not a charity.The system at BMO is made to fail their customers.Top management doesnt deal with clients directly, but have cushy offices and drive their Mercedes., If they cared, the system would work in the customers favor. Please be kind to your bankers and tellers. They get yelled at often and get called horrible names. So if you wonder why they arent smiling dont take it personally. There is ALOT of pressure for banking employees. They have rules and regulations to follow or risk losing their jobs.
    We deal with difficult customers too. I could no longer work here again because of the stress and constant negativity. Some like to start problems and are NEVER satisfied. They say they will go to a different bank but they bring their negative personality with them and guess what? They arent satisfied there either. But I truely feel bad for the others who have been wronged by the bank and get charged fees or are given wrong information, etc. Top management needs to take these complaints to heart and step up.

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