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Bank of America Pima Pinnacle Peak Branch

8828 East Pinnacle Peak Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

North Scottsdale Location

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Branch Phone Number 602-248-4843

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By clientelle Aug 2, 2016

    Lost 80$ waiting on line inside a bank for a simple exchange

    I used my bank card to withdraw 500$ from their ATM. I have done this before without a problem. The problem with withdrawing so much is that the banks give you lots of 20 dollar bills.

    I usually go into the bank and exchange the multiple 20 dollar bills for 100s. I was not being mindful with my money while counting it, putting it back into my pockets, and some bills into my money clip, while inside the bank, I will admit. There were also other people waiting on line for the one available teller.

    When I got to the teller, I thought that I had 400$ dollars in twenties to exchange into 100 dollar bills. I was mistaken and had to get more money from my money clip. Once I exchanged the 400$, I returned to my vehicle, checked my money clip, and I realized that I was missing about 80$ in twenties from my last 100$. What happened to it? I went inside the bank, but the teller was busy.

    I returned to my vehicle, then checked around the vehicle and couldn't find the money. I visited the bank again and spoke with the teller, a guy with a flat top and goatee. The teller gave me a look and seemed miffed that I would bother him about this. He said that he didn't see any loose bills. Did some one on line inside the bank put his foot on some loose bills on the floor, and slyly pocket them? Who knows.

    But this loss is now a terrible lesson. I could have drove to Colorado on that money. From now on, I will avoid paying in cash as much as possible, only for things like gas or visiting a small cafe, and only withdraw at most 200$.

    My bank reimburses me for bank ATM fees and I can withdraw money as much as I would like without any penalties. Most importantly, I will stay away from Bank of America ATMs forever.

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