Bank of America Catalina Highway Branch

9015 East Tanque Verde Road, Tucson, AZ 85749

Bear Canyon Location

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Branch Phone Number 520-760-2121

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Seymour773 Mar 4, 2014

    The customer service is obnoxious. The employees are patronizing, smug, and intractable. Left feeling violated.

    Okay, I understand that has become common practice for some major banks to fingerprint non-account holders when cashing checks. But yesterday, I was there with my father, who had written the check to me. I provided my AZ driver's license, the ID# was typed into their computer, and then was asked for my fingerprint. I said "no, absolutely not." And my Dad, who has five accounts and banks exclusively at this location, backed me up. He identified me as his son and told them there was no reason for a fingerprint as I provided one the last time I cashed a check there. Clearly, the fembot at the counter had no notion of the idea of privacy or freedom (and I am a modern Democrat) that we once enjoyed before 9-11. Josh, her manager, came to her rescue and asked how he could make everyone happy. We told him he could make an exception and cash the check without a fingerprint. That was against bank procedure. When I asked what happened to this biometric information, he was unable to explain, but maintained that when he was hired by Bank of America he had be fingerprinted, as well. Well I'm sure he had to supply a blood or urine sample as well. Is that's what's next for non-account holders trying to cash a check with the check writer standing right next to them. After arguing for several minutes, my father finally crossed my name off the check and replaced it with Cash, initializing it twice because they weren't sure once was enough. Worst banking experience I've ever had. Please boycott Bank of America. The bank received $45 billion as part of the bailout and is still being investigated and fined for bad business practices that caused the financial collapse originally. Why aren't their executives fingerprinted and put in jail?

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