Bank of America Irvine Branch

18622 Macarthur Boulevard, Irvine, CA 92612

Irvine Business Complex Location

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Branch Phone Number 949-260-5800

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By lilliedee Mar 3, 2014

    Employee cannot count

    I went to the location on Macarthur in Irvine to cash three checks: $550, $550, $124.24. I also handed the banker, Beatrice Ishimwe, $76 in cash. So the total should be $1300, but she only handed me $1230. Now this is the first time I ever cashed checks but I remember whenever I go to the bank with Mom, the banker always count the money in front of her so she sees it and agree on the amount. Beatrice just handed me the money and expect me to walk away so I did and counted as I walked away. Came back to her and told her what was wrong. She says "Are you sure you gave me $76?" WTF? I handed it to you, you put it in the cash counting machine, and you stated "$76"! So she tells her supervisor she does not remember this and said I should have counted the money in front of her before walking away! Uhm, hello! Wasn't that YOUR job? So she had me wait half an hour for her to balance and close out her station. At the end she admits her fault and apologizes with a smile. Uhm no, I'm not okay with this when you did not have good customer service!

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