Bank of America San Bernardino Main Branch

303 North D Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401

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Branch Phone Number 909-381-8400

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    Reviewed By Melissa+Timmons Feb 24, 2013

    I've Had BoA Since '09 And Ever Since The First Day Theres Been Problems!

    It's always the managers that are the worst, but i've been dealing with bofa since 2009 and try as hard as i can to never have to go into their branches because i have never met an intelligent bofa employee. The first day i signed up the lady helping me told me i look like a muffintop... Wtf? They charge me if i transfer from my savings account to my credit, they charge me a couple dollars here and there for no reason thinking i won't notice, and they have tons of hidden fees. Once i went through them to get a car loan and they told me after the whole process and doing the application when i already mentioned i was buying the car that week that i would find out my results in about 2-3 weeks.

    I went to credit union the same day and got a loan the same day from them instead. I tried using my debit card yesterday and it as declined for the first time since '09. I called to find out why and they said they sent my a new debit card in the mail and cancelled mine because of a fraud alert they had on multiple customers and it had been enough time for me to receive it so they cancelled my card and couldn't reopen it. I was on vacation 3 hours away from my home for the past 2 weeks so i explained how inconvenient it was that i got no notification or anything, but still drove home the next day to pick up my new card only to find out they never actually sent it to me. I went into one of their branches to speak with the ignorant people there and explained how this entire thing was their fault and i needed money.

    They just said well we can take money out of your account today and send you a new card, but you won't get it for 4-5 days. We can't help you any more than that. Then i talked to the manager who had a ridiculous amount of attitude and as i was angrily explaining my phone call last night and how i drove 3 hours out of the way to pick up the new debit card that wasn't there, she interrupted with "well that was stupid of you, why would you drive here? That's your fault! " wtf

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