Bank of America Capitol And Aborn Branch

1707 East Capitol Expressway, San Jose, CA 95121

Evergreen Location

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Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By hieuvan Feb 25, 2014

    Never seen this terrible customer service before...

    I am Vietnamese, and I've been living here for 3 years. I couldn't speak English well so I always wanted to come to this Bank of America for its Vietnamese representatives. However, I took my mother to this branch today, and the Vietnamese rep whose last name "Tran" treated us really bad.
    She greeted us right away when she saw our faces with a rude attitude."what do you need?" was her first question. She wasn't a teller, and she only walked around to help people. Thus, I ignored her rudeness because she spoke Vietnamese to my mom. I tried to explaine to her that my mom got a tax return from the government with my mom's name and my father's name on it. My father had gone back to Vietnam since December last year, so I wondered if my mom can cash the money out with only my mom signature. Immediatly, this rep told us"no, no you can't do that" in English. I understood that the bank can't do nothing because of their policy, but this rep just acted like I and my mom tried to cheat on her. She took our check and showed to her manager or her coworker (I dont know). She didn't even carry the check, she was waving the check in front of them while we were standing in front of the front door. When she came back, I asked her if I have my father sign in the check and send it back by email, can my mom cash it... She told me that "who knows it is your father'signature or yours"... FTH... it was really enough. My mom asked me to leave there because she didn't feel any respect from this rep. Finally, this rep told us to go to check cashing store to try... I and my mom was still standing there ... we had no more word to describe the way we were help.

    Bank of America representatives. .. please... I don't know how you're trained to treat customers. I don't know the rule, please explain it to me. Don't look down on me just because I can't speck English well. Be nice to the customer even if you have your own problem. Because I don't do anything bad... I just simply need help.

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