Bank of America San Ramon Branch

3100 Crow Canyon Place, San Ramon, CA 94583

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Branch Phone Number 925-277-3511

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    Reviewed By Chang Nov 16, 2012

    Horrible Bank of America Service

    Bank of America: what can I help you?
    Me: I received a letter from you that my business bank account will be closed. Is that a mistake? (fake laugh)
    Bank of America: No that is correct we are closing your account.
    Me: Why? we just open this account in October?
    Bank of America: I don't know. you have to call this number with a this case number.

    After 3 hours calling and leaving many messages.
    Bank of America: Hi How can I help you?
    Me: I was told my business account will be closed and why?
    Bank of America: We do periodically review and we will close the account occasionally.
    Me: So my account was reviewed and closed for no reason?
    Bank of America: well there are couple reasons but I was never told the reason. I was just told these account will be closed then I sent out letter.
    Me: so you don't why?
    Bank Of America: Yes, I don't know.
    Me: So all my other business account with you can be closed for no reason too.
    Bank Of America: we review all our bank account and will choose to close some account. The bank just decided they don't want some account.
    Me: do you know when it will be closed?
    Bank Of America: No I don't know. You have to call the number on the letter.
    Me: ........ (Very Angry).

    After 1 hours Dialing again
    Bank Of America: Hi how can I help you (cheerfully)
    Me: You are closing my account for no reason, do you know why?
    Bank Of America: Oh sorry. I don't know. You can call the following number.
    Me: I already did and they didn't know.
    Bank Of America: well we can't help you either (uneasy)
    Me: OK. When the account will be closed?
    Bank of America: Dec 27. This may change though. You have to call us to find out. We won't notify you.
    Me: (.... Very Angry now.) So Can I use the money now before Dec 27.
    Bank Of America: No You can't use your money until we mail it back to you?
    Me: wait. So you close my account for no reason and holding my money hostage until 1.5 month later. So I can use my money for 2.5 month just becuz I choose open my account with you?

    So is there anybody

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