Bank of America Montgomery Village Branch

2420 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Montgomery Village Location

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Branch Phone Number 707-547-2827

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By ciaobella707 Jan 31, 2013

    Has Been Going Gradually Downhill

    Bank of america has proven to me time and time again that they do not care about their customers at all. A few years ago i noticed that my "free" checking account had been charged monthly maintenence fees for 8 months! I call to figure out what's going on and i'm told that they no longer offer free checking for regular accounts (which was never brought to my attention, obviously). They tell me that i can receive free checking if i switch to e-checking which requires me to only use atms or online banking (if i go into a branch and actually talk to someone, i would be charged a fee... Shocker).

    This was fine with me because this is how i usually banked anyway so i went ahead and switched and enjoyed free checking for a few years. Honestly, the only thing keeping me with bofa was my free checking, however, i noticed last month that i was charged a monthly maintenence fee (again... Shocker). The real killer was when i was told that they couldn't reverse an overdraft fee because the "system" wouldn't let them since they found no "bank error. " my account is never overdrawn and the fact that they wouldn't allow my online representative to reverse a fee simply to make a long time and good customer happy is what sealed the deal for me and really pushed me to finally switch to a local credit union.

    Even with knowing that i was going to switch banks and leave negative reviews, they did nothing. They don't care about you... You're better off going to a local bank where they actually want your business. Bofa gets an "f" for fair and quality business practice in my book.

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    Reviewed By jo c. Mar 5, 2013

    Right Hand Does'nt Know What The Left Hand Is Doing

    This would take a book. I can't believe this bank is even in
    business. So sad. I would be imbarrassed to work there. We have xlnt credit and plenty of income to make a mortgage payment. We were approved for refi, payed for
    appraisal, and then waited 4 months.... 'got a call on christmas eve telling us the loan was denied. Our "vice president of loan officer, tried to "resuscitate" our loan, that's when we found there were a number of mistakes in the calculations and lies to cover them. We tried to no avail
    to have our $470 appraisal refunded, after calling the "office
    of the ceo and president".... Not impressed.. It is a call center like every other bank of america number, to lead you
    to believe you might actually get somewhere with your complaint.... Don't fall for it..... Nothing will happen to resolve
    what ever your issue. The call goes to someone filing their
    nails on the other end, they listen well, but they are not the
    one who will "work" on your case. That person comes unprepared to help, and you can experience "beating a dead horse"... There should be a place for businesses like this, "out of business". Too big to fail, too big to care... Because now, they don't need to.

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