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Bank of America Tracy Branch

111 West Tenth Street, Tracy, CA 95376

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Branch Phone Number 209-839-2735

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Ashley g. Dec 11, 2013

    They stole my sons diaper money for the week!!

    My account had been overdrawn, and if the account is overdrawn for 5 days, B of A charges a $35 a day fee. (Extended overdraft fee)
    I overdraw my account every week (money is tight). Each week I recieve an email stating that I'll be charged this fee if money isn't in the account by the fifth day. I always have the money in there on the fifth day due to my husbands direct deposit from work each week. Last week my email stated that if there wasn't money in my account by the 6th, I would be charged this fee. I wasn't worried because, like I said, this is a weekly thing for us, and I knew that our money would be in there at 12 a.m. on the 6th. It was. I woke up with my husband at 4 a.m. and while I was up, I checked the account, everythingwas fine . I paid our phone bill and bought 1 christmas gift. I had just enough money in the account left to buy our 1 yr old his diapers for the week. But when I went to buy them, my card declined. I checked my online banking and realized that B of A had charged a $35 extended overdraft fee. So therefor, my son had no diapers this week. The first time I called I got a really ghetto guy who had no clue how to answer my questions. I asked for his manager and she was even younger and ghettoer! She had NO concern with my needing help. I asked for her boss and she told me no! These two wete obviously toying with me and my sons diapers. So I hang up and call back. I get this other guy who explains what the fee is (duh like I don't know) and that it won't be refunded but I can go into a branch. So by now, I'm in tears. My husband leaves work early and we go to a branch here in sacramento on broadway. The lady looks at our account and says " u already called to remove this and it won't be happening"
    THEY CAUSED MY ACCOUNT TO BE OVERDRAWN 7 DAYS BEFORE WE GET PAID AGAIN, IN ORDER TO COLLECT ANOTHER $70 IN FEES NEXT WEEK TOO!! My baby has no diapers thanks to bank of america. They also wouldn't let us close the account!

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    Reviewed By ben Jul 8, 2013


    So I'm a broke college student and the notorious thing that bank of America loves to do is slam you with fees when your checking account gets low and then charge you extra fees for overdrafts because they charged you a fee in the first place for being low. all in all I owed 150 dollar's in just fees because I had 7 dollar's left in my account. And I was supposedly a student checking account that didn't have hidden fees. I do not recommend

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