Bank of America Vista Branch

330 South Santa Fe Avenue, Vista, CA 92084

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Branch Phone Number 800-622-8731

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    Reviewed By vwang Nov 27, 2012

    Greedy Corporate Bank With Poor Customer Service, Focused On Profit Margins Not Their Customer

    I understand how difficult customer service and banking can be. In my industry, i have lots of experience working with banks and various other service industries. However, i have never, in my life, hung up on any customer service folk. At bank of america (bofa), i've hung up on 3. Let me summarize my worst 2 experiences with this bank (because i have no room for 3).

    1) in 2010, i went to dinner at a sushi restaurant. When putting in my tip, the restaurant accidentally inputted too many numbers into the credit card till, and instead of a $45 transaction, my bill was a $45,908. 54 transaction. Bofa cleared this transaction and then spent over a week to reverse the money. At age 23, i did not have anywhere near this amount of money in my account and so i incurred, without doubt, a number of overdraft fees (this was before i finally realized a $45k+ transaction had cleared).

    Since it took them over a week to reverse the transaction, i was without money for a week. Furthermore, when i had called customer service to disput this transaction, the man on the phone asked me if i was trying to buy the restaurant. This was a serious question. Next, instead of reversing all of my overdraft fees, he only reversed half of them. I am not quite sure what his logic was here.

    2) recently, i had to write a few post-dated checks for a house rental. The rental company had deposited them all at once -- something they've done for the past few years. Every other bank would hold onto the checks and deposit the check according to the date listed. Bofa cashed all checks immediately, and then started ringing in the overdraft fees.

    I called them again to disput this. The lady on the phone told me that bofa has no policy to cash checks according to the date listed on the check. In fact, if the check was post dated 6 months (or similarly, 3 years old or dateless), bofa would still clear the check. This hardly seems like a good security measure for your bank to have. Let alone a bank as big as bof

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