Bank of America Pennsylvania Avenue Branch

1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20004

Downtown-Penn Quarter-Chinatown Location

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Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Joy J. Dec 18, 2012


    My husband and I purchased a house, and as anyone could guess this bank bought the mortgage soon after. Not only have we found out that they fee you if you don't make deposits every single month (regardless as to weather or not you have more than enough money in the account to pay the bill), but they also ask you literally 20 different times to verify who you are when you try to make one, single transaction online. Today, for example I tried to extract the excess money that was left over in my account (because we pay a small amount over the monthly mortgage cost each month) and transfer it out of their account and into my main bank account. I was asked for my user id, pass word, city that I was born, they forced me to regurgitate the security code that they sent to my email, then they made me enter not only the card number on the front of the check card, but the security code on the back, and then after all of this, I ended up having to funnel the money over to my credit card at my other bank through BOA's paybills option just to get my stinking money back. ****Also, MILITARY FAMILIES be warned!!!! If you get paid in advance of the 1st for a holiday or other reason, and you don't make a deposit the next month by the 1st in their account, they fine you big time! I would never, ever utilize this bank as my main financial establishment. Their nickle and dimming practices are borderline illegal. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!!!!

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