Bank of America East Boca Raton Branch

1000 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33432

Southeast Boca Raton Location

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Branch Phone Number 561-620-0170

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By ajmancilla Dec 21, 2013

    Moving far away from this bank.

    Bank of America has the worst system and the employees in their phone support are not well trained.

    A month ago, unfortunately, I had an overdraft in one of my accounts where i had to pay 35 dollars for, i was very upset since i made a transfer from one of my accounts to the other to cover this check. I did this through their online system but somehow this transfer never went through. I had to cover this overdraft and deal with it since they had no indication of any transfer -- fine! i payed the $35 and asked the bank of America associate to please setup all my alerts so this would not happen again, he confirmed that everything was setup and i should have no problems.

    Long story short next month i made another transfer from one account to the other and this didn't go through again! No alerts whatsoever and after 1 week overdraft another 35! that is a total of $70 in fees!! i called and spoke with another associate, asked her why i had no alerts or nothing and she said that none were setup in my account. This is unacceptable since last time everything was supposed to be setup!

    No help whatsoever and made me feel i was the one that should of made sure everything was setup, I did make sure! i spoke with your associate and they assured me!

    I am closing all my accounts tomorrow and taking my business elsewhere.You cannot trust these people with your money, they don't even know how their own system works, every person will tell you a different story.

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