Bank of America Sabal Palm Branch

2421 South Us Highway 1, Fort Pierce, FL 34982

Downtown Crossing Location

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Branch Phone Number 772-595-3084

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Alayne Aug 7, 2012


    It started with the very first conversation and hasn't failed to send me into a dizzy tantrum every single time I've tried to make a transaction of any type at this bank. No branch is worse than the other - I've tried several - they are all equally as incompetent. Upon opening the account, I felt bullied into any account that would cost me money to open or on a monthly basis. It took about three firm "no's" to convince this individual that I will not be opening ANYTHING but a basic, free checking account and that I will not be wavered from this decision, regardless of how many times she repeats rehearsed nonsense. I was then told my only option was the 'student' account (I'm not a student, but a professional w/ steady and decent income). This particular crapshoot of an account requires that you only deposit into an ATM and you have to bank online. If you ever have a reason to deposit to a teller - let's say you need your money right away and the ATM holds your money until the check clears - you are charged a fee. BIG SURPRISE. so that's how they screw you on this particular account. (The fees associated with some of the others were beyond reason). SO, I start the account and they hold my opening check for "5 days" - fine, whatever, I guess this is standard. But no, it ends up being 7 days b/c "it is a check from a different state" (I work for a company in CA, but live in MA, and no matter how many times they ask me, no, I cant have direct deposit). Two different employees told me it would only be 5 days, not 7 - and this was just the beginning of a long list of conflicting answers and wrong information to come. At one point I asked to speak with a manager and after waiting 15 minutes the teller came back with an "answer" to my question (not at all what I needed) and no manager. From that point on, I had problems with transfers, deposits, ATMS, tellers, managers, and debit cards. I cancelled my account and opened one at a local credit union. A world of difference.

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