Bank of America North Miami Branch

990 Ne 125th Street, Miami, FL 33161

Central North Miami Location

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Branch Phone Number 305-893-6611

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By karina0502 Apr 10, 2014

    Disappointing -- Worst Banking Experience

    My experience with Bank of America "Disappointing"

    I am very disappointed with Bank of America, I have been a loyal customer for several years now; never had an incident with them, but at the first incident that happens to me, Bank of America is quick to dismiss my case. Having my identity stolen, and make me liable for something I did not do.

    On March 6, 2014, my identity was stolen from a pump at a gas station near my home, where I entered my pin. I them when on about my day, until I realized $500.00 dollars had been withdrawn from my savings from one of Bank of America locations, and $641.98 was charged at a Macyâ??s Store Location all near my home. Once I notice those charges, I immediately contacted Bank of America Claims Department to make them aware of those fraudulent charges, on which 2 claims were opened. Within 1 week Bank of America determined those charges were by me since a pin number was entered at the time of the charges, and I was been held responsible for it. The claim center department never contacted me in reference to the claim, but yet determined I was liable.

    At this point is April 10, 2014 over a month now and the situation goes on; the claims department customer service are not willing to help nor they care what is happening to me. I did everything I was told to do, I filed a police report, gave them my statement. In my desperation i mentioned to them, to please contact their Bank of America Location where the money was withdrawn to obtain a footage of who took the money, but to them is not enough evidence. It is very sad, I am a hard working American who lives pay check to pay check, who trusted Bank of America with my money and information, now my information is out there and no one cares. To have this happening to me, were Bank of America will not protect my money it is devastating, I has cause me a lot of stress and headache. At this point I will be reconsidering, my loyalty to Bank of America.

    This could happen to anybody that is why, I want my story to b

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