Bank of America Beechwood Branch

196 Alps Road, Athens, GA 30606

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Branch Phone Number 706-227-6330

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

2 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By AnnaB1981 Nov 7, 2013

    Customer service is definitely terrible if you don't deal with a teller

    I went in to ask questions regarding my account. Apparently I miscalculated by $2.00 and they immediately hit my account with a $35 overdraft fee. I asked if there was any way to forgive this charge and I was told no and that if I didn't bring the account up in 3 days they were going to charge me another $35.00! I usually don't have these issues balancing my account or make these kinds of mistakes. I don't have a history with overdraft charges. I told him I couldn't bring the account current before pay day. He said "Well, we will put you in collections then!" So I told him I will be in on payday to close my account. He seemed to be happy that I was upset which I thought rather strange since I don't even know him. Don't ever let Daniel help you if you go to that bank. He hates his job or hate people, not sure which.

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