Bank of America Bolingbrook Lily Cache Branch

111 Lily Cache Lane, Bolingbrook, IL 60440

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Branch Phone Number 630-679-0579

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By AltinM Nov 27, 2013


    I had my personal account and my business account both with bank of america (personal 5 years & 1 year for the business).
    Unfortunately for bank of America, I had to part with them yesterday because they where not able to take care of certain fee's. Now I would like to be fair and mention that this was part my fault as well but everyone makes mistakes, let me give you an example. About 4 weeks ago I went to make a withdrawal for my business account. I took the money home and counted it to make a budget for the upcoming week (I like to keep cash). I noticed I had $400 more than I was suppose to I was given more money by the teller on my way to the bank the next morning I received a call from the bank asking me if I had more money etc. I told them yes and that I was on my way to return it.
    And I did, and about three weeks later /i ran into some issues (mainly because of the holidays and my balance on my account it went into negative, I was hit with 7 fee's 7x 35 $ = $245 I worked for very hard. Gone. So closed out both my accounts . Thank you bank of america . I promise you will another way. Maybe I'm not a big fish to you but guess what Chase will hopefully appreciate me more. Good day.

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