Bank of America Geneva Branch

802 Commons Drive, Geneva, IL 60134

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Branch Phone Number 630-262-6410

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By William Jul 24, 2013

    Very poor

    I recieved a gift card drawn on BofA. It was a reward from a vendor my company uses. The card says expiration is 07/13. The paper the card was attached to say 07/31/2013. Well today is 07/24/2013. The expiration date has not arrived yet. The card was declined when I attempted to use it. I call BofA and am told the card expired. He said they expire the first day of the month and it was left open until the 19th. I told them the date on the envelope says last day of month. He said there was nothing they could do. I would have to jump through all the hoops of contacting the company that gave me the card and see if they would reissue because they can get the money returned to them. I asked if they thought it was right that I be embarrassed over a card decline when the money should have been there or that I have to jump through all the hoops to hopefully fix it. They said no, so I said if they agreed they did wrong by me, they needed to fix it and I was told they had no way to fix it. I had to try to work it out with the company that gave me the card. Thats really the worst customer service ever. They mess up, they agree they mess up but they can't or won't make any attemp to fix the problem and furthermore, they don't even care. The government should have let them fail.

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