Bank of America Harvard Square Branch

1414 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138

West Cambridge Location

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Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Nader M. Feb 4, 2013

    A nightmare to deal with

    Since I already have my 1st mortage with BOA, I decided to refinance it with them as well. The whole thing from the very begining was nothing but complete disaster. Started out with my so-called Loan officer (Scott Bowling) who hardly ever returned any of my calls or emails. This trend continued with my loan processor (Angelique Phan). Finally after almost 4 months, on December 4th, 2012 they sent a Notary Public to my home for closing. I was told by the BOA Rep/Notary Public NOT to make any more payments toward my old loan since now I will have a new loan with 1st payment due on February 1st!! Two weeks later and my mortgage still NOT paid off. So, I decided to call BOA and find out the reason. I was mainly concerned because I am never late on any of my payments!! So, my new loan processor (Ellen Ware) tells me that they have to re-send a new subordination request (I have a 2nd mortgage) because the loan amount which we signed at the closing has changed!!!??? This is despite the fact that we have already closed the loan on December 4th, 2012!! She tells me I should make my regular payment and that it will be a new closing required. None of these made any sense to me! I couldn't understand how one could close on a loan and then being told that the amount of the loan has changed!!?? I did however go ahead and made a payment toward my old loan! Weeks went by and despite many many emails that I sent to Ellen Ware, her boss Arika Williams and even the VP, Judy Beller ... none of them ever got back to me. I finally was so frusterated, I sent one more email to all of them asking to cancel the whole refinancing AND still never heard back from any of them + my loan officer, Scott Bowling.

    They are the worst I have ever seen!! I still can not believe the way I have been treated by them. They have the worst customer service you can imagine. Can't get any worse!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM, especially, Ellen Ware, Arika Williams, Judy Beller and Scott Bowling.

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