Bank of America Guardian Building Branch

500 Griswold Street, Detroit, MI 48226

Downtown Location

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Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By mark Sep 27, 2013

    I don't trust anyone there in what they say!

    I got a 10yr draw HILOC from them and about 6 yrs in they froze the draw on it because of declining home values ! I paid very little extra along the way to reduce it (it was a 3.25% line of credit)) but when the original ten year draw period came up they sent a letter saying the full balance amount was due in full. I called a week before I was going to send the balance in to discuss it because I thought I had a repayment period to which I had time to pay the balance but they told me that was not so ,and that they only have balloon equity lines of credit and that's what this was.. I paid the balance that I was told and that matched my bill before the end date. The next week I received a small FedEx envelope that said that my check I sent did not cover the balance in full although I checked and it was what they said it needed to be. $56.31 was said what was still owed to them after paying them over $28,900.00 . Now I received the letter 1 day after the date inside said the amount shown would be a valid amount (the date inside said that total was good till the 25th and it came in the mail the 26th)! And it also said they would only accept a cashiers check,money order or money transfer would be best to make sure it would get there quickly and the money you owed wouldn't go up! Pay another $20.00 for a $56.00 money transfer? don't think so ! I got it straightened out but I will never ever provide them with any more business ! Nothing good to say! Period!

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