Bank of America Concord Village Branch

5353 South Lindbergh Boulevard, Saint Louis, MO 63126

Sappington Location

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Branch Phone Number 314-284-3760

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Darwin S. May 20, 2013


    There are no banking centers in the state of Colorado. They are downsizing into a community bank. I was traveling and lost my debit card in the state of Colorado. Never again. I called bank of america's customer service, and they was not able to wire me any money in an emergency situation. Not to mention i was put on hold countless times. The representative was very rude, and had no sympathy for me what so ever. They failed to take care of me. They beat around the bush, and they acted like my money was theirs. They failed to give me any of my money at all, or make suggestions about how to get it in an emergency situation. I was lied to because the supervisor told me that he could send me money through western union, and failed horribly to do so. I would not recommend bank of america to anyone that travels a lot. They are inconsiderate and heartless toward people that really need money in emergency situations, and they are shutting down more banking centers as we speak. They are becoming less and less dependent for people and their money. Years ago i would have rated them high, but sadly things have changed for the worst for bank of america.

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