Bank of America Park Road Branch

4535 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209

Madison Park Location

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Branch Phone Number 704-386-5351

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    Reviewed By vixyfox Apr 18, 2013

    Completely horrendous-I feel as though I'm being robbed.

    I've been with Bank of America for about three years now but I'm planning to leave as soon as I get paid again. At first, they were okay because it was my first time having a bank account and it was my first year in college.

    I started out with a student checking and savings account. Occasionally I would transfer from my savings account in order to afford supplies for school without a problem. But there was one month I had to transfer a lot. But then I ended up with a fee of over $70 at the end of the month. Apparently you can only transfer from your savings 3 times a month and then you're charged a fee every time after that.

    I would think that's something I would be told when opening my account. And then after that, they sent me a letter /telling/ me that they were changing my savings into a checking because of how many transfers I had done. And then they started charging me a monthly maintenance fee. That's when things just got worse.

    My parents bank messed up on a stop payment for a check they put in my account in which BOA punished me for. I got a stop payment fee, an overdraft fee, and the money taken back out of my account. In order to fix it, my parents wired the money back into my account with a little extra...which was taken by the wiring fee BOA also failed to tell us about.

    For each item that is overdrafted on your account, they charge you a $35 fee. In one case recently, I had one overdraft of not even $2. And then after that a $10 charge all before I could put money in the back. I got a $35 fee for EACH one. They were only willing to refund me one of the fees once I mentioned wanting to close my account. If their monthly maintenance fee sends you in the negatives, you get the overdraft fee for that too. I've had times where I've been charged the overdraft free twice in one week for overdrafting under $10. $35 seems way too much for that.

    Overall, I hate BOA very much, there are way too many fees that cost too much. I can't wait to leave them.

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