Bank of America Festival Centre Mooresville Branch

368 West Plaza Drive, Mooresville, NC 28117

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Branch Phone Number 704-663-2221

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    Reviewed By mprothero May 28, 2014

    Credit Card Pressure

    For months now the bank tellers at this branch have been hounding me every visit to apply for a Bank of America credit card. I told them that I had one but they kept insisting that it was not truly one of theirs since it was through a subsidiary and had a college logo on it. They kept pressuring me to get their card stating the points were better and such. I did not and do not need another card and was happy with the one I have and kept telling them so. I needed to look in to a bank loan for $7000 dollars of closing cost on a home I was selling.

    I approached Bank of America and they sent me to the loan officer. He stated that they no longer do personal loans and that I needed to apply for a credit card. I explained that I had one through Bank of America and that all I needed was a credit extension, since my current credit limit was $5,000. He said that I could not get a credit extension but the new card should cover it and have 15 months interest free. He also stated that he could not evaluate my credit or approximate credit limit until after I applied for the card but we did not have to complete the processes so no card would be issued and it would not effect my credit.

    After completing the application was approved for another card at $2000 which I did not accept. He stated I needed to sign a form that authorized him to do the credit check but the form said that I accepted the card. I disagreed and scratch that portion of the form off and only approved the credit check. Two days later I called the card co and they said that I was approved. I told them to cancel and they said they could not. I called the bank manager to cancel the card and she said they would and would call me back. A few days later, no call, and a credit card arrives. I am on my way back to the bank to talk to the manager.
    Why must I apply for a credit card to request a loan? Why do they have to lie and pressure people to get their cards?

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