Bank of America Cranford-South Avenue Branch

101 South Avenue W., Cranford, NJ 07016

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Branch Phone Number 908-276-4363

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

3 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By kylez23 Jun 1, 2016


    Where to start? I have been a client at this bank for 5 years now. Over those 5 years the following has happened. Needless to say all my accounts will be closed once this last problem is resolved.

    1. When I signed up for my business account they offered me a free personal checking account. I was told as long as there is over 10,000 in the business account I would never pay a service fee for the checking. Guess who paid 15.00 a month every month after that? This guy.

    2. No one EVER answers the phone there.

    3. The "manager" is a nasty rude woman who ignores you and files her nails and eats food while customers wait.

    4. The line inside is always INSANELY LONG.

    5. The ATM Machine ate 30,000 of checks I was depositing. When I went inside to have them get my checks back they told me there was nothing they can do and I had to FILE A CLAIM!

    6. After fighting with the "manager" for a good hour they called the police on me!

    7. After the police made them try and help me they assured me within 24 hours I would have a temporary credit for the amount of the checks until my issue was resolved. NOTHING STILL TO THIS DAY.

    8. Went back a day and half later and they locked me out and through their little gate told me "we are reviewing it". Needless to say the police were called again.


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    Reviewed By bankuser1 Jun 1, 2016

    No Problems depositing checks to ATM

    No problems whatsoever!

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