Bank of America Latin American Banking Center Branch

600 Elizabeth Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ 07206

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Branch Phone Number 800-432-1000

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By UltimaOutlawX Mar 22, 2014

    Avoid This Bank. They Are Not For The Customer, They Like To Take Your Money Through Crazy Fees!

    Today it was a very upsetting day. This bank, which i happened to have open an account for the convenience of being so close to where i live, has decided to allow me to leave as customer than to return me the fees that they charged me. On my savings account, based on bank of america fee of schedule, after 3 withdrawals from the account they can charge a $10. 00 fee for every other transaction made as well as a maintenance fee of $5. 00 for not having at least $300. 00 in the savings account of a transfer from the checking account to the savings of at least $25. 00 per month. Well, i happen to have open the account on the 01/30/14 and i withdrew from the account on 3 different occasion in the month of february. In march, starting 03/03/14 i also started withdrawing again 3 times from my savings account. This is where is gets fun! On 03/17/14 i saw 2 fees charged on my savings account. One for $5. 00 (maintenance fee) and another for $9. 00 for over the limit withdrawal. Today i went to my local bank of america account and asked about it. Just a heads up, i received my first savings account statement on 03/14/14. I was told they could not reverse any of the fees. I asked why? And was told they can't. The person that assisted me was calm and we keep our voices at a normal pitch. No yelling or anything like that. I explained to her that i have an automatic withdrawal from my checking to my savings every time i get paid so there shouldn't be any maintenance fee. Also, the withdrawal i made were over a month apart (32 days to be exact) she told me that a savings account month ended on 03/14/14. I asked how is that possible? If the account was open on 01/30/14 and my statement was received on 03/14/14 that is about 45 days which is over a month. She just kept repeating herself over and over. I closed the account and soon will close the checking. Go with simple its a lot better than this to big to fail bank. I don't recommend this bank at all, don't through what i went, avoid

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