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Bank of America Broadway And Warren Street Branch

261 Broadway, New York, NY 10007

Lower Manhattan Location

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Branch Phone Number 212-393-1030

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Michael Mar 14, 2013

    They stole my insurance check!!!

    Do to hurricane Sandy, my roof was damage. I sent my insurance check to Bank of America to be endorse in late October. I have sent everything they asked for. I haven't gone any call back from any Property claims representative. Even left message with Managers. I have called spoke with so many people but no one could or would help. I was even given numbers to call that had nothing to do with my claim. I don't know what to do any more. I try to repair the roof with a friend he slip and broke two ribs. Its been 5 month my house is still leaking. I haven't gotten a dime from them.

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    Reviewed By Maria O. Jul 22, 2013

    Bank of America does not care about you!

    My auto loan with Bank of America was paid off early June 2013. Since then, they have debited my account for the monthly payment twice. The first time, I contacted their customer service and they issued me a refund which took a week. This past Saturday they debited my account again. I called their customer service department; they told me I would have to call the auto loan department on Monday, which I did. The representative there told me I would need to contact online banking; I told her that I did- they were the ones who directed me to call her (loan dept). She put me on hold, then came back and told me the auto debit feature was now cancelled (so she clearly had no idea what she was talking about before putting me on hold). She made no mention of the money they already took; I asked about it and she said they would cut a paper check in 4 days. I told her that was unacceptable and that they should overnight it. Why does Bank of America get to hold onto my money that they are no longer authorized to take? She told me it was my responsibility to cancel the auto debit. I advised her that this is ludicrous- it is unlawful for them to collect on a debt that is not owed. Not to mention, the debit should have been cancelled the first time they erroneously took funds out of my account and I called them about it. She just said sorry and there was nothing she could do. Bank of America is a thief and hopes that unwitting customers won't catch on and let them keep their extra money.

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    Reviewed By JP_4438 Nov 3, 2013

    Beware of opening a business account with B of A

    This is a full Service bank ?

    Warning, You do not want to have a business account with Bank Of America, soon as your balance drops below the minimum they nail you for "A maintenance fee" (more like funding for the office doughnut pool) The only other way you can avoid their maintenance fee by charging $250 to their debit card.

    And the rules changes to suit their needs, before they only blackmail you into using the card, no exact amount, now it's $250.00, who know what changes they will make next ?

    the way the new fine print reads :

    "The $250.00 monthly net retail purchase spending requirement cannot be a combination of purchases using multiple cards. This spending requirement must be met on at least one of the business cards (debit, credit or charge).

    The monthly maintenance fee can also be avoided when you meet the following balance requirements each statement cycle:

    - $3,000 minimum daily balance in the primary checking account or
    - $5,000 average monthly balance in the primary checking account or
    - $15,000 combined average monthly balances of eligible linked business deposit accounts."

    notice the 3,000 says daily balance if you do spend any money then it's cool other wise it's 5,000.

    This bank just sucks - along with stupid responses from customer service if you feel like sitting on the phone for hours waiting to ask what the hell was that charge for ?

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