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Bank of America Quartermaster Plaza Branch

2330 West Oregon Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19145

South Philadelphia West Location

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Branch Phone Number 215-271-2730

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Johnny215 Feb 11, 2014

    Bank Acc closed for no reason.

    I open my business bank for two month and later found out, they closed it for no reason. I have people to pay and bills as well, They told me they'll see what they can do but instead they closed it and I had to deal with a week of not paying my workers, I called in customer service and they kept moving me around. then I went face to face with one of the bank I made my acc and they couldnt do anything like they was some slackers there. Until later today I met with this one women who works there and she helped me out alot more then her Co-workers (useless bunch of idiots and conceited assholes). Two months I had this account and they choose to close it. I regret joining this bank; If I had check the review instead of listening to my dumb ass dad who just likes the logo "bank of America" more like Bank of shutting your accounts out of nowhere. The worse they ever said was because my business check I got, had alot of money, it's a fucking business account for a reason like are you serious ? Never choose bank of America If you a first timer. Join TD or PNC I heard their great and wont pull a snake on your accounts.

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