Bank of America Nashville Main Branch

414 Union Street, Nashville, TN 37219

Downtown Nashville Location

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Branch Phone Number 615-749-3377

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Larry T. Apr 25, 2014

    Too big to fail? No, too big to succeed!

    I have been with Bank of America (BOA) for over a decade watching charges climb and service degrade. However, what happened just recently has convinced me to move to another bank. What happened you ask? Well that's a story, here is the short version.

    My wife and I were pre-approved for a loan at another banking institute and we negotiated a price on a Short Sale (don't let the name fool you, there is nothing "Short" about a Short Sale). We had a realtor and a bank negotiator that worked with Bank of America. It took time but we got the contract signed by the soon to be previous owners (we thought) and agreed to by Bank of America.

    After we had the contract, we noticed that the property was up for auction the day we were supposed to close so we asked the negotiator about it. They inquired at the bank and the president told them "Don't worry it is not going to be sold", I am not sure this is the same person that "Accepted" our offer. We then spent $500 on an appraisal, $300 on an inspection and about 2 days time (1 day for my Wife and 1 day for me). All told this is about a $2000 cost to us at this time between leave and money we spent on the appraisal and investment. Then just before we were to close Bank of America sold the loan to another mortgage company! This of course voided the contract that we had. We were able to work the deal with the other mortgage company and then one of the owner decided not to sign. In the end we had to let this property go and loss $2000.

    The negotiator was absolutely stunned by BOA's actions as well as the realtors. I for one am shutting down all dealings with Bank of America and will not deal with them again. If the bank is too big to care about their customers then they are not too big to fail as was stated during the bail-out. They are too big too succeed and they should have had to deal with the market's assessment of their practices like every other business!

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