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Bank of America Greenville And Exchange Branch

1202 N Greenville Ave, Allen, TX 75002

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Branch Phone Number 214-383-4262

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Debbie G. Oct 11, 2013

    After being a customer for several years, now they want a service charge

    I have had 2 accounts for a number of years under My Access Checking that included no service charge. I just received a letter saying they were discontinuing that account type and would charge $12.00 per month if I did not maintain a $1500 balance or participate in direct deposit. I cannot do either and they are unwilling to budge, so I'm closing my accounts and moving to one that is more consumer friendly.

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    Reviewed By Troy T. Apr 9, 2014

    Awful! They destroyed our credit and in addition, we lost our home!

    We obtained a home loan with Bank of America in 2006 for approx. $400,000.00 in 2006- where we purchased a home in Southern Maine. We never missed a payment, and in fact we paid a bit more than our monthly mortgage amount when we could to remain ahead. In 2010 my husband was laidoff, and we became almost 2 months behind on our payments. In an attempt to get caught up we tried desperately to set up some type of arrangement with Bank of America.

    Every single time we spoke to someone we were assured we could work this out. Knowing that it would only take 60-90 days to be completely back on track. To our surprise our home was put into foreclosure. We did everything we could to work this out. We could not find anyone that would set up an appointment with us. We even brought a realtor in to do a short sale on the home. We were told by Bank of America that they owned the home and we could not sell it. We have proof that we were less than 62 days late on our payments. We lost our home and our credit is now poor. We have four children and had to move back to Texas to live with family in 2011. We are currently renting a home. We have perfect rental history, and make more than enough to own a decent home. But because Bank of America destroyed our credit we cannot purchase a home for our family. There is no stability in renting.

    We are so upset with Bank of America! Do not get a home loan from them! Once you have a loan with them, you will no longer matter to this banking institute! The worst mistake of our lives! Our credit would be good otherwise! As a parent this is heartbreaking! This bank should be investigated! All we want is to be able to raise our children in our own home! Very sad!

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