Bank of America Carrollton Branch

1101 South Josey Lane, Carrollton, TX 75006

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Branch Phone Number 972-416-1616

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By shanna Aug 2, 2013

    they locked up my card for the third time now

    this bank is starting to be so frustrating. I understand they want to be locked down and keep everyone's money safe, but also make sure they rip you off, by constantly locking up your account, then issuing you a new card just to charge you every time.
    I just get paid. I get my fiancé gas then try to get myself gas, the card locks up and my car is on E. Rent is due. cant bounce a check. i go next door to try to get gas there. card is still locked up. I call bofa, they state the money for gas on my card was $126, when I only spent $67.00. they also said my card was used at a place called rasooda. between two stores i tried. that's not true.
    what's going on here with my account. they try to keep things safe, but their too safe. does someone have my account info on their card.
    so i get to spend my lunch break going to the bank to fix this hassle with them once again.
    i use to love this bank, but over the last two years im tired of using them.
    my account doesn't even show that charge. shows, i got paid then went to cheveron for gas, tells me how much i spent. not $126.00

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