Bank of America Alta Mesa Branch

3100 Alta Mesa, Fort Worth, TX 76133

Wedgwood Location

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Branch Phone Number 817-292-9364

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By danbyler Feb 10, 2014

    BofA has NO Fraud Protection! Be careful who you give check info to!

    I tried to buy material from a vendor who said they'd give me a 3% cash discount if I paid by check & not credit card. Over the phone, I read the vendor the digits off the bottom of my check & the check #. They were supposed to charge me $620 & mail me material. Instead they debited my account for $62,000 & sent me a box of rocks. They then charged my account an additional $20,000 by making up another, 2nd, check #. BofA said they will not help out at all & this is between me & the vendor. The vendor is fraudulent & does't really exist. Thus, I'm out the $82,000 & the BofA offers no support at all! This fraudelent vendor could have taken every last penny I had in the bank...BofA could care less & offers no recourse or protection. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR INFO or you could lose every penny in the account!

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