Bank of America Edgebrook Branch

1127 Edgebrook Dr., Houston, TX 77034

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Branch Phone Number 713-948-8970

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By rachel Feb 16, 2013


    I had an account with BOA all last year, depositing my work checks. I closed the account and decided to reopen. They held my checks for 5 days!! Didn't let me know this beforehand so I had no choice but to wait. When I deposited work checks again, they were held again for another 5 days!!! The accounts had already been verified so am not sure what the problem is this time. As I have 4 kids to feed, this left me disgusted. I can't wait for the 5 days so I can close this account. I have referred 5 people to them and they are closing theirs too. No one ones to bank with someone who does bad business. You mean to tell me, in this day and age of technology, they can't verify a check before 5 days?! A reputable business that has been around, and a reputable bank the check was drawn on. All I can say is STUPIDITY!!!!

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