Bank of America Barracks Road Branch

2103 Barracks Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903

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Branch Phone Number 434-963-2907

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    Reviewed By yassine Aug 29, 2017

    racial profiling at barracks rd , charlottesville VA

    i ve been with boa for almost 20 years in chapel hill nc, warm people, like a family, always went there with a smile and left even happier, i have 1 personal account and 2 business accounts, mid june 2017, i moved to charlottesville va, i went to the branch at barracks rd , charlottesville VA 4 times, people are cold and with huge attitude, the third time i went to open a business credit card, waited for 2 hours, nobody asked me what i need , when i asked the receptionist why i have not being helped he asked me to sit down, when i insisted they told me to have a good day ( you guess what he meant), 3 weeks later, i went to transfer money from my personal account to my business account , i presented my id, debit card with a picture and my business debit card, i signed a receipt, the teller called another teller , they could not understand how a colored person has that much money in his account, they gave me my docs back , my id flews out of my hand into the teller s body ( she was big), they asked me to leave, like the last time i called the customer service to complain, they apologized , and asked not to go to that branch again, on sunday i called and a guy name Deon was nice enough to help me do the transfer over the phone. by the time the money was transferred, the deal i had fell through, i lost a deposit, LAW DOESN T PROTECT STUPID.
    tuesday, they are charging me $15 for the transfer ( they gave it a new name "the wire")
    my questions: is it still legal to profile and harass minority clients?
    is a new banking practice to kick customers out of the branch so i can charge them fees when they do it from their homes.
    which AMERICA this bank is serving anyway?
    PS: if you are or your family members are colored, don t go there on friday afternoon. if you are a member of the military and don t want to become homeless, stay AWWWay from those crooks.
    and despite of you: GOD BLESS OUR AMERICA

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