Bank of America Little Neck Branch

3333 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

North Central Location

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Branch Phone Number 757-498-6021

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By The R. Jan 22, 2014

    Shady policies and poor customer service

    We have been with BOA for 5 years and have overlooked many small customer service issues for the bank's reputation. We experienced a job loss a month ago, so this month was difficult financially. Admittedly, we had a few overdraft fees. We deposited a large check - a refund check from a well-known institution in the area and took our family vehicle in for some much needed repairs under the impression that the refund check would cover them. When I deposited the check at the ATM, I was given a notice that there would be a hold on the deposit due to "several recent overdraft fees." I expected the standard 24-hour hold. Before heading to pick up our vehicle from the mechanic, we checked our account to make sure the money was available, and we found that the hold was effective until the beginning of next month. Never mind that we needed to get our car so that we could run errands and function. We also needed to purchase groceries for the week. My fiancé called customer service and was told that his "rolling history" of overdraft fees and the fact that the check was from an unfamiliar source were the reasons that the deposit was placed on hold. The check needed to be "verified" before the funds could be released. When he asked what was involved in the verification process, they could not give him an answer. My name is on his account, and the check was issued to me. It was also issued from an organization that is well established in our community. While I could understand a standard 24-hour hold to ensure the check was legitimate, a hold of "seven business days, which can include a weekend" seems unreasonable. After becoming very angry with 3 people who said they couldn't help him, he got them to release enough funds to get the car from the mechanic. If we had deposited the check elsewhere or cashed it, we would have that money now. We have over $1,000 dollars that we can't access because of this hold. Good job, BOA. You've lost a faithful customer.

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