Bank of America Wedgewood Branch

8405 35th Avenue, N. E., Seattle, WA 98115

Wedgwood Location

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Branch Phone Number 206-358-1760

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Andrea May 22, 2013

    Loyalty, Being A Long Term Customer, Never A Late Payment, High Balance Accounts And Still Can't Close A Refi. Twice.

    After being passed around from person to person, after turning in document after document, often the same ones over and over, bank of america was unable to close a simple refi, not just once, but 2 times! Why i gave them a second chance i cannot answer, i think i thought that as i was (yes, i will be closing all my accounts with them), what i considered(well, they did too), a premium customer, and as i had met what i though were all of their requirements, you can imagine my disappointment when they closed the application with very little or no explanation really as to why. While their people were (mostly) nice, they were ineffective and inefficient, wasting my time and money. My schwab broker recommended quicken loans. They work exclusively with them as a result of their high service level and customer satisfaction. I was a bit snobby and didn't think that i would like working with an online bank, but to be honest, can't think of the last time i walked into a bank branch. They're closing not just the primary refi, but also a rental property, and both in record time. And with half the paperwork, one primary contact who is professional and courteous and values my time and money, and is working with and for me to make this process as easy and pain free as possible. As i have talked to friends about this, many have a horror story about b of a. I have not heard one bad thing about quicken, and hope to turn many people onto them - their service strategy puts them way above!

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